The Lies and the Weasels – Episode 9 – Cameo


A weasel near one’s home is a sign of bad luck.
(Ancient Book of Nature)

It was not until the afternoon of the next day that Weasel and Cassius finally stopped for longer than just a few minutes. Cassius was exhausted. The old assassin surprised him. Despite being what? 65? 70 years old? Weasel had managed to keep an incredible pace. A speed that Cassius could barely maintain for very long. Weasel didn’t look at Cassius, nor did he speak to him. Instead, he was entirely focused on finding a place that only he had known.

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Tournament 2021 – Follow up – Number #03

Hello, Travian community,

I hope you feel well since the last post!

Today, we will speak about all those players who play the final without being officially part of one of the 3 META I spoke in number#01 and number#02.

We will conclude with a little interview with those players.

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