CHANGELOG – Release 1248.3

🆕 最新內容:
TL-9371 – 開拓者現在可以使用自己的語言玩遊戲了。 遊戲採用他們自己帳號的語言和色盲模式設定,而非管理帳號的設定。

TL-9712 – 改進了在使用移動優化版本時,小型設備上的橫向模式。

TL-9857 – 改進了在戰鬥中獲得的英雄經驗點數的計算。 計算現在基於戰鬥中陣亡單位的數量的供應,解決了會造成獲得一分太少或太多的四捨五入問題。

TL-9897 – 遊戲內頁腳連接已更新至正確的頁面。

🛠️ **錯誤修復:**
TL-10001 – 修復了一個導致村莊和資源視圖只能部分顯示的移動優化版本問題。

TL-9802 – 修復了一個用戶定義長列表導致地圖x軸消失的問題。

TL-9927 – 修復了一個導致前10個統計數據不能在7天后重設的問題。

⏲️ **Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)**
10.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 – Open Beta Tides of Conquest
13.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 – Balkans10, Europe4, NL

15.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 – NL, Balkans, Europe°
15.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — DE, IT, FR
15.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — Lusobrasileiro, RO, RU

16.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — Nordics, Asia (both local and region°)
16.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — Arabics (both local and region), International
16.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — HU, Baltics, CZSK

17.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — TR, IL, New Year Special,
17.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — Hispano, Anglosphere, America°
17.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — COM, America3, Arabics2, Asia3, Europe3, International4

20.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — Tournament Qualifications

°With the exception of the game worlds listed separately.

Travian: Tides of Conquest ~ City Cooldown Feature

The 2021 Annual Special – Travian: Tides of Conquest – is just around the corner. The first batch of gameworlds will start next week already.

On August 18th, 2021 we hosted a Discord AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the Travian: Legends Game Designer, Jake, and something definitely caught our attention. Watchtowers and their effect on the attacking/planning war operation strategies were by far the most discussed topic.

As a consequence, last week our Game Design Team worked closely with the Ambassadors and made the decision to adjust how cities work in Tides of Conquest.

A village will now transition into a city after a cooldown instead of immediately.

How it will work:

      • Transitioning to a city will take 24h for x1 and x2 speed gameworlds, 12h for x3 speed.
      • Once the process is launched, the settlement (CP) slot is blocked and the action cannot be canceled.
      • Conquering your own village while it is transitioning to a city does not cancel the city transition process. However, if the village is conquered by another player during the process, this aborts the upgrade and frees the settlement slot.
      • Other players will be able to see that a certain village is currently transitioning to a city in the player profile. 
      • Hovering over the village name in the player profile and on the map will show the exact date and time when the transitioning process is completed. See the image below.

Important note: These adjustments are currently in the development stage and they will not be implemented at gameworld start. They will be added to the existing gameworlds at a later point through an update. We will inform you about the exact implementation date in a separate announcement.

Once again, we want to thank you all for your valuable feedback. See you on the battlefield!

Travian: Tides of Conquest ~ Official Spotify Playlist

Do you listen to music while playing Travian: Legends? We certainly do!

You might not know that but we have some pretty big music fans and connaisseurs within the Travian: Legends Team. We often share music recommendations so why not creating an official playlist to channel the mood of an epic event such as the Annual Special? Exactly, WHY NOT!

And that’s how the official playlist of Travian: Tides of Conquest came to life!

How did we choose the songs? We have the pleasure and the opportunity of working with an extremely diverse team, which means we were really spoilt for choice. We got tons of great song recommendations that allowed us to pick our top 30: a mixture of epic and powerful tunes, songs from all around the world, and general awesomeness to motivate you on the battlefield.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

If you want us to create more playlists, show us some love by following our Spotify account HERE. Of course, this playlist embodies the mood of Travian: Tides of Conquest from OUR perspective and there is no such thing as a perfect playlist.

We are very curious to hear what motivates YOU in terms of music while you are fighting on the battlefield, so don’t forget to share your thoughts on our official Discord channel! Maybe we can create a playlist with your song recommendations next time…