Tournament 2021 – Follow up – Number #03

Hello, Travian community,

I hope you feel well since the last post!

Today, we will speak about all those players who play the final without being officially part of one of the 3 META I spoke in number#01 and number#02.

We will conclude with a little interview with those players.

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Tournament 2021 – Follow up – Number #01

Hello Travian Community,

On November 2th, 2021, the final round began.
Here is the first post and the first data about the round.
The number of accounts registered (November 7th, 15:55 (UTC+1)) is 4.500, a very small number compared to previous tournaments which had more than 15.000 accounts.
Perhaps new regional servers are a part of an explanation, as people can find a good level on those servers too.
But, let us go and discover people who decided to battle again in the final round!
I took the data on November 5th, so alliances are mostly created, and the majority of players should have their second village, barring bad luck and bounce, that’s part of the game!
I have contacted leaders, so they can share their information and so on.
In the end, I will conclude with META leaders’ interviews.

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