Game Secrets Guides – Table of Contents

On this page we gathered all blog posts of the Game Secrets series. We hope that it will help you to navigate through the published guides and find useful information faster.

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General information about the game

Guides that give general overview of the main game mechanics, answer the question what the game is about etc.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
What is Travian: Legends? A general overview of the game goals, main stages and focus points.
6 years changes at one glance Most prominent changes in the game since 2016: new tribes, Hospitals, Wave builder etc. – short description and links to find out more.
5 things to consider about Spartans Short overview of the main strengths and weaknesses for the tribe Spartans.
5 things to consider about Egyptians Short overview of the main strengths and weaknesses for the tribe Egyptians.
5 things to consider about Huns Short overview of the main strengths and weaknesses for the tribe Huns.
5 things to consider about Romans Short overview of the main strengths and weaknesses for the tribe Romans.
5 things to consider about Gauls Short overview of the main strengths and weaknesses for the tribe Gauls.
5 things to consider about Teutons Short overview of the main strengths and weaknesses for the tribe Teutons.
Your first steps in the game

Guides for the new and returning players that give general direction of account development.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Your very first steps in the game Literally first steps you need to do in the game: picking the tribe, map sector, what to do right after registration.
Basic questions about the game What is your hourly production, what you should do in the game, what happens if you conquer your own village and much more questions a new or returning player might have about the game.
Hero and adventures in the early game Hero health losses in adventures, hero resource production, which items you cannot receive till Adventure #62 etc.
How to avoid getting farmed How to avoid getting farmed and in general attention of the pesky neighbors that want to steal your resources.
Unleashing the hero potential (Beginner protection stage) Your very first interactions with the hero.
Maximizing hero experience and Growth All you need to know about hero experience and attributes.
Hero inventory – what items do I need? Sets of equipment for all game stages and playstyles.
Economy and Infrastructure development

Guides that mainly focus on developing villages and building a striving economy and prosperous empire.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Developing your first villages A very detailed guide focusing on the development of your first few villages. How to settle second village fast, what to do with the third village etc.
Developing your first villages (condensed guide) Short guide that gives overview how to develop your first villages and which buildings you need to build in the first place in every newly settled village.
Types of capitals and their development An overview of which capital to pick in the game based on your game experience and activity and tips how to develop them.
Passive culture points The guide is dedicated to so called “passive” (produced by buildings) culture points and gives an overview how to increase culture points production and why it’s needed.
Return on Investment How to calculate whether a certain action makes sense and how soon you receive benefit from it.
How to make self-supporting account How to organize game routine the effective way, save some gold and release time for more interesting actions.
Military Development

Guides that focus on military development, when to start, which troops to focus on etc.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Balancing military and economy on a defence account Why balancing military and economy development is important for the defense account when to start training troops etc.
Smithy and the total strength of an army The guide gives an overview of when it’s better to order new units and when it makes sense to upgrade them in the smithy instead.
Playing with a defence account Some tips and tricks about playing a good defence account.
What defense is the best? This blog post dives into the diverse strategies and unit choices to help you tailor your defense based on your resources, location, and game phase.
What is a hybrid account and what are the types This guide explores developing hybrid accounts and top unit choices.
Offense account – An operational Hammer Some calculations and explanations regarding off-armies, when to start and how to balance military and economy.
What is the best hammer for my tribe? Explore the top offensive army combinations for each tribe. Learn about training efficiency, crop consumption, and strategic benefits to optimize your gameplay.
When do I start training a hammer? Learn when to start training an operational hammer. This guide helps you balance resources and timing for effective gameplay.
Travian: Legends skills

Various skills that experienced players use in day to day actions. Attacking, defending, farming, development calculation.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Oasis farming feature description Full description of the unoccupied oases farming. The first extra source of resources to explore.
Oasis farming tips and tricks How to farm oases with your hero, specifics of the oasis farming for certain tribes, how to organize oasis farmlist and how many units to send against oases.
The use of catapults Various aspects of the catapults use. How many catapults needed, Rally point level limitations, special artefacts and brewery effects.
How to send real attacks and fakes An easy guide on how to make real attacks and fakes indistinguishable for the defender.
How to snipe waves How to cut waves of catapults and reduce damage from catapult attacks.
Game formulas

Formulas explaining the game mechanics and combat system.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Combat basics formula by Kirilloid How exactly the game calculates the result of a battle.
Smithy upgrades Smithy upgrade formula and what benefits do upgrades give to the player.
Combat bonuses (own village defence) What defence an empty village has, all about walls and residence effects
Interacting with other players

Alliances, Travian Etiquette and much more. All about in-game and around game communication.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Leading an alliance An overview of alliance leader duties and useful tools.
Travian etiquette What is write and what is wrongful behavior from the players point of view. How to avoid conflicts in the game.
Natars legacy

All about grey area, World Wonders, Artifacts, Construction plans

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
How to settle in a Grey area Tips and tricks on how to make sure your settled village will not get destroyed by Natars. When it makes sense to settle in a grey area.
How to get ready for the artefact release All you need to know about how to prepare for the artefacts.
Frequent questions about Artefacts Various information about how specific artefacts work in the game. Little details that might have big impact.
How to get ready for the construction plan release All you need to know about how to prepare for the construction plans.
Tools and useful links in and around the game

Overview of what tools exist in the game and most used external tools explanation.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Map secrets in Travian: Legends An overview of the map, hidden functions and navigation.
What is map.sql? Unique source of information for the tool developers and alliance leaders directly from your gameworld.
In-game links that might save time for routine actions Secret marketplace, Rally Point and other links that you won’t see in usual interface.
Access keys and how to play Travian from the keyboard What ALT-N and ALT-B do, what other shortcuts exist for the game navigation
Small useful things you might have missed about Travian: Legends Fast coordinates inserting, tips about daily quests. Secret kirilloid links for Huns hamvil and much more.
BB-codes and how to use them How to write the text with different colors, how to compare battle results of 2 alliances and set alliance news.
How to earn gold Basic guide on how to get more gold in the game without buying.
How to create personal plan in Gettertools Rapid mode overview, how to create plan quickly in one of the most popular tools about the game.
A handy toolkit to help with your everyday calculations Enhance your Travian: Legends experience with essential tools like Gettertools, Travco, the Kirilloid calculator and many more.
The power of the wave builder Tips and useful information about how to use wave builder.
Special Gameworlds features

Features that might be the part of special gameworlds, such as New Year’s Special. Annual Special, Community Week etc.

Game Secrets Guide
Short summary
Keep tribe on conquer Everything about the feature that allows to play with different tribes on one account.
Advanced Start Culture points for 3 villages, 2 sets of settlers and fast action from the start. Everything you need to know about Advanced start feature.
Advanced Start – Fast fourth village settling guide x2 How to settle fast your fourth village in a gameworld with advanced start (speed – x2)
How to play Travian: Shores of War Guide on the current Annual Special, updated every year to help players explore the fantastic world of the Ancient Europe.
Diving into Shores of War scenario This guide aims to help solo players new to the Annual Special setup enjoy the Shores of War scenario and better understand the gameplay.
Harbors and their specialization (Shores of War version) All you need to know about Harbors (Shores of War version).
Questions and answers about Deep waters, Pathfinding, Harbors and a flat map Game Centre answers to the community questions about Pathfinding, Harbors, Flat map and much more.