New Year’s Special 2024

🧭 General Features New Year’s Special 2024 🧭

Ancient Europe with 87 regions. Artifacts appear within their regions as long as there is a valid spot for them to appear. Traveling over the edge is not possible. 

Winning Conditions
The alliance that first constructs a Wonder of the World to level 100 will be announced as the winner of the era.
Travian: New Year’s Special 2024 features 6 tribes:

  • Egyptians
  • Huns
  • Teutons
  • Gauls
  • Romans
  • Spartans
Troop merging
Yes – unlimited with resources – Gold usage limited to 50 Gold per day per village. More information is available here.
Troop forwarding 
Yes. Details on how to forward troops can be found here.

When you forward troops from a harbor village with available ships, you can provide your ship with the selected reinforcements so that they can travel faster. This only works if you forward reinforcements from harbor to another harbor. It doesn’t matter whether the troops belong to you or the other player or whether they originate from a harbor or a regular village. After reinforcements arrive at the target harbor, the ships reappear in the start harbor village immediately. 

Advanced start

  • Your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5.
  • You’ll already own six settlers and enough CP to settle two additional villages.
  • 15-croppers, and 9-croppers can’t be settled as second and third villages.
  • You’ll be granted CP to settle two villages and 75% of the CP difference required to settle the fourth village (the bar will be filled to 3/4).
  • The first two villages you settle will automatically have all resource fields at level 5 (additional villages will be settled with resource fields at level 0 as usual).
No confederacies 
Travian: New Year’s Special 2024 is an ultimate battle where everyone fights only for their own alliance. The diplomatic agreements are limited by non-aggression pacts and wars only.
⚓ Harbors and the New Pathfinding ⚓
The Harbors
You will be able to build Harbors in the villages that are located on the shores next to “deep waters.” Harbors, in turn, will allow you to send trade ships and warships  when they travel to the other harbors. 
  • Travelling by ships is possible only between harbors.
  • Leaving the harbor takes 20 min for x1 speed both for the trade ships and warships. For other speeds it’s divided by speed, so for x5 the landing time is 4 minutes.
Trade ships
Trade ships provide additional trading capacity to your harbor village. They do not need merchants to transfer resources and are not limited to 20 units.

Trade ships travel at a speed of 12 fields per hour on 1x speed gameworlds for all tribes (multiplied by gameworld speed for other speed gameworlds) when travelling between harbors.

Base trade ship capacity for each tribe is the following:

  • Gauls: 2750 resources
  • Teutons: 3000 resources
  • Romans: 2500 resources
  • Egyptians: 2500 resources
  • Spartans: 2750 resources
  • Huns: 3000 resources

Speed capacity factor, alliance bonuses and Trade office bonus are applied to the trade ships.

Warships and Decoy warships
Warships and Decoy warships are used for sending armies (attacks, raids, settlers, and reinforcements) with a static speed of 12 fields per hour on x1 speed gameworlds. Warships can carry unlimited number of units that belong to one village. Decoy warships are very similar to warships but can carry only up to 60 units.All movement bonuses (Hero items, Tournament square and artifacts) will apply also to ship movements.
More information… More detailed information about Harbors can be found here:

🏆 World Wonders, Artefacts and Construction Plans 🏆
Artifacts will appear in their regions as long as there is a valid spot for them. If no space left, the artifact might appear in the nearby region.

Each region will contain one artifact, which belongs to that area. The artefact map can be found here.

World Wonders
13 world wonders will be present on exact and available from the start. Some of the World wonders will be harbors. Construction of the World wonder building is possible only with Construction plans.
Construction plans
Construction plans are expected to appear in due time around preset coordinates.
More information… More detailed information about Artefacts, Construction plans and World Wonders can be found here:

🏠 Spawning and Settling 🏠
Spawning will start from the centre like in regular gameworlds and will take into account the selected quadrant upon registration. The later you spawn, the further from the centre your village might appear.
Settling second village (changing tribe) 
You can pick the tribe of your second village for your very first settlement.

  • Players can now only pick tribe once with the settlers which are given with Advanced start.
  • If player sends both sets of settlers at the same time, they can select tribe for both sets of settlers, but only the first to land will have a different tribe, the others will belong to the account default tribe.
  • The tribe change only works for the first successful settlement from your spawn village. Make sure that your settlers with changed tribe arrive first to the required coordinates!
  • If the settlement was successful, but later the settled village got destroyed, the feature is not re-enabled.
Settling other villages
When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler’s village.
Settling on ships
You can send your settlers on ships to found a new village, only if a target is on shore. 
Settling location
The whole map will be unlocked for the settling from the start.
🔱 Conquering 🔱
When conquering a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village keeps that tribe. The tribe-specific buildings are kept unless they are destroyed in battle. Your account will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.
When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief’s village.
Keep tribe on conquer
A full description of the feature can be found here: Keep tribe on conquer
🌊 Miscellaneous 🌊
Cancelling deliveries
Merchant and trade ship delivery can be cancelled within the first 60 seconds.
Harbors in map.sql 
Harbor status of the village is shown in the Map.sql. More information about what map.sql is can be found here.
Region description and statistics
The region description has been adjusted to fit the New Year’s Special feature set.

We hope this table will help you to dive right into the action on our New Year’s Special gameworlds. See you on the battlefield!