Critical events on 4.6 gameworlds ~ Update 08.04.2021

We would like to share some insights and information with you regarding what is currently happening on Europe30, as well as explain how we are moving forward today.

Yesterday, after discussing the issues with our provider and working closely together, we switched the gameworld back to its original environment during the long maintenance.
When we put the gameworld live, we quickly realized that those provider’s issues were still ongoing.

This is indeed not the quality of service we want to offer you, so we truly apologize for the events of yesterday’s afternoon and night.

This morning, we decided to put Europe30 under maintenance to approach a solution for the connectivity issues, and event jam issues that you have been experiencing.

We aim to achieve two things during this maintenance:

  • We will implement a more stable solution for the performance of the gameworld
  • We will rollback the server to a previous back-up taken yesterday 07/04 at 12:07 GMT+1.

After a rollback, you can expect the following things to happen:

  • All payments that happened between the backup date and the time when the gameworld went on maintenance mode will be re-booked.
  • All the troops that were “on the way” by the time of the backup will be returned back to their home villages.
  • Artefacts and Construction Plans will continue to spawn on the same dates as before.

The compensation of 200 gold you received previously, will be added again to all the accounts automatically.

We will also be giving an additional 50 gold to you as compensation for this long maintenance and rollback in the next few days once we ensure the gameworld is running without problems.

The Europe30 server will leave maintenance today at 14:30 GMT+1 (15:30 CEST) and the rollback will be applied.

From the moment the gameworld leaves maintenance, starvation will be deactivated for 24 hours until 14:30 GMT+1 (15:30 CEST) of the 9th April 2021.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience.


Critical events on 4.6 gameworlds ~ What Happened

As you all realized, during the past weekend we had to face an unexpected situation that resulted in the 4.6 regional gameworlds being unplayable.

We are deeply sorry about the whole situation, as we know it created a lot of frustration and anger on your side. This is definitely not the quality of service we aim to provide you and we are working very hard on making sure that it will not happen again in the future.

In the meantime, we would like to provide you some more insights regarding what happened in the past days and weeks.

First things first, Europe 30.

This game world faced latency issues since the very beginning and this was due to the high amount of concurrent users playing the game. Indeed we are tackling this issue, which resulted in some visible improvements that will be even more tangible in the next few weeks. We are fairly positive that the upcoming game worlds – where a huge amount of players is expected – will face these latency issues less and less.

Even though you might assume that this particular issue occurred again last Sunday, we can assure you that they are not coming from the same source. Let us give you a quick explanation.

What players perceive is the same: the game is lagging, there is an event jam, heroes disappear, and so on. The reason behind it is different though and this is what affected all game worlds.

On Sunday morning we realized that something was breaking. Every 10 minutes the event jams were spiking. Our Tech Lead and Live Operation Support immediately jumped on the topic and, after some research, they recognized that the issue was not on the game worlds themselves but on the third-party service hosting the game worlds. These issues couldn’t be solved by adding server capacity.

They quickly got in contact with the provider and the only viable option presented to them was very risky: moving the database of the game world to a different environment until the underlying issue is found and resolved.

Our Tech team decided to take the risk and move the databases for Europe30 and International100, our two biggest game worlds. This is why, in order to minimize the risks for players and their accounts, we had to activate the truce for 24 hours all of a sudden.

Currently, the situation seems stable, and we are still in contact with the provider to discuss follow-up actions to be taken to minimize the risk this will happen again.

And now to the hot topic of compensation. We are perfectly aware that Travian: Legends’ biggest currency is time but unfortunately we cannot give you that one back. As it is impossible to satisfy the needs of each and every single player, we still want to offer compensation at the largest possible scale.

We will add to each active account that registered on AMERICA1, ARABICS50, ASIA20, EUROPE1, EUROPE30, INTERNATIONAL1, INTERNATIONAL100 before April 5th a total amount of 200 Gold. The compensation will be added to the accounts on April 07th around 14:00 UTC+2.

Thank you for reading this wall of text and even more a big thank you from the Travian: Legends team for all the support you showed during this critical event!

Your Travian: Legends Team


Travian: Shadow Empires 2x & 5x Speed ~ All You Need to Know

In Travian: Shadow Empires, everything changes. Bound by destiny, former foes become trusted neighbors while mighty enemies roam in the far distance.

But in a war-torn world, who can really be trusted? How much worth does an oath have on Travian’s battle-scarred lands?

Curious to find the details about what is coming to the Shadow Empires x2/x5? Read the full information below!

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Changement de règlementation !

Depuis juillet 2020, nous avons commencé à travailler avec les ambassadeurs sur un sujet très important pour la Communauté : les tech accounts ou les “1.1” dans le jargon traviannesque français.
Aujourd’hui, nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que nous sommes enfin prêt à mettre en oeuvre de nouvelles règlementations.

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous la liste des règles qui vont être modifées. La liste est également disponible dans la page des “Règles du jeu” disponible sur ici.

Mise à jour du règlement :

Des références par rapport aux conditions générales ont été ajustées.

  • §1.1. – Modification de la numérotation -> §1.1.a.
  • §1.1.b – Ajouté pour spécifier les restrictions visant les “frigos privés”.
  • §1.7 – Ajouté pour contrer certains abus.
  • §5 – Contient des ajustements de langage.
  • §6.4. – Religion ajoutée.
  • §6.8 – Contient des ajustements visant des contenus inappropriés.
  • §7.2 – Explication de la procédure de blocage ajouté.

Voici également quelques rappels sur ce qui a déjà été fait pour contrer l’utilisation des multicomptes illégaux “proxy” et des tech accounts “comptes 1.1”, et qui sont déjà implantés dans le jeu :

  • En août 2020, nous avons étendu la portée des restrictions du push au sein de l’alliance, à toute la coalition.
  • Plus tard en septembre, nous avons rendu les sanctions plus sévères.
  • Ensuite, nous avons limité la possibilité de cogérer uniquement au sein de l’alliance et/ou de la coalition. Nous avons également rendu les règles de cogestion plus strictes début mars 2021 ; plus d’informations ici.
  • Avec le lancement de la version 4.6, nous avons effectué des changements au niveau des oasis et du mode vacances, permettant de limiter les effets de l’utilisation des tech accounts.

Avec la nouvelle règle §1.1.b, les ambassadeurs et l’équipe de développement souhaitent combattre l’utilisation des tech accounts en dehors des alliances et/ou des coalitions étant donné que ceux-ci ne subissaient aucune restriction jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

Ces règles prennent effet à compter d’aujourd’hui, le 23 mars 2021, et nous attendons que les joueurs adaptent rapidement leur attitude par rapports aux “frigos privés”. Nous commencerons à punir les comptes qui ne respectent la nouvelle règle §1.1.b à partir du 6 avril en prenant compte des données des précédentes semaines.

Si vous souhaitez signaler un joueur qui enfreint les règles, merci d’utiliser la fonction de signalement disponible sur le profil du joueur. Lors du signalement choississez l’option “autre” comme catégorie et précisez l’utilisation de “frigo privé”.

Nous espérons que ces changements au sein du règlement aideront les joueurs à profiter d’une meilleure expérience de jeu, tout en sachant que nous sommes continuellement à l’écoute de vos retours.


The 2020 Travian: Legends Tournament is over!


Qui audet adipiscitur!

Who dares, wins!

350_0002_EndDate.pngThe 2020 Travian: Legends Tournament is over and we would like to congratulate all participants for enduring and fighting till the very end.

In the upcoming week, we will run the usual end-game checks and we will release the official ranking lists. Winners will be contacted via email within 14 days.

Now it’s time to celebrate and get some well-deserved rest before the 2021 Travian: Legends Tournament Qualification rounds start again in June!

As Publius Syrius once said “Ubi concordia, ibi victoria” – Where there is unity, there is victory. It’s time to work on new alliances and prepare your plans for the next fight!

See you on the battlefields,

Your Travian: Team