Tournament 2017 – World Wonder Race

The World Wonder race has begun and the qualification round will come to its end in around 3 – 4 weeks. Safiren, our official reporter for the COM qualification server, prepared an overview of the current state of the game after the release of the construction plans.

“It has been a fantastic journey visiting all  servers, which has been made possible by Travian Games kindly assigning me  as official reporter for the international Tournament.

So what happened to my predictions?

On the International server Vietnam was first to lay their hands on a construction plan – the one I thought Ghetto would take!

Clever planning, fast horses with boots and an embedded agent in one of Ghetto’s wings and proximity to the plan village made it an easy catch.

I had a chat with DucLee. He said that Ghetto didn’t notice that emgalam had his cluster inside the Vietnam area. He wouldn’t have survived there without being one of them.

Ghetto has done well on this server but they got very unlucky with the construction plans. 3 failed attempts.

Miko [Tuomiopäivä] told me: «The luck today. 😀 First of all, we were 40 minutes away from the first one but Spy tricked us. Then CS managed to hit one, but they didn’t have enough off to clear it. We then cleared one, but 3 minutes later PP took it without losses.»

We continue to the South East where PP (Croatia) was my favorite to take several plans and HellasDT was forecast to take one too. I was right! Wow! (chuckle)

As PP snatched the plan Ghetto was going for, I asked them about it, but they were simply going for the same plan.

The next quad is the South West and what happened there? They were the last ones to take construction plans; for a while we wondered if they didn’t want to take them at all. SAM CZ unexpectedly took one despite SW being much closer. SW took the last one and I thought they would do better than that. With the area they cover it should have been easy but they weren’t alert as it seems.

I tried to get a comment from Emerik, since I know he has his eyes and ears everywhere, but he told me that he doesn’t want any of his comments to be published (doh). So I turned to Jschym, the leader of SAM CZ.

Safiren: «Hi! May I have a comment from you about the building plans? SAM CZ got one and SW a second one. Both of you were late. Dacia have promised to support your WW. What will SW do?»

Jschym: «SW will build the WW with us. The second plan may remain safe at SW. There’s enough time.»

The fourth quad: North West. Yes, 1453 (Turks) took 2 and QuT took one. And that was quite funny, because promter said she felt the need to take one after my words about her knowledge about the game.


We have quite an interesting situation here with many possible entanglements. Diplomats will play a significant role for the outcome of the server. I’ve heard about connections crisscrossing the quads of both a predictable and surprising nature.

Soon enough will we know who will support who.”

Thanks to Safiren for this wonderful summary of the current situation. It is getting interesting out there, there’s quite a fight brewing up!