Tour the Official Travian: Legends Discord

On top of live chatting with players from your gameworld, our Discord server has many activities to offer you. The place may feel a bit confusing to first-time Discord users, and we would love to give you a tour for an easy experience.

Alright, here we go!

When you first join our Discord community, you will see a Welcoming screen pop-up as shown below:

Welcoming Screen to Travian: Legends Discord server

🔑 #pick-your language takes you to a channel where you can click on different flags. If you click on the German flag, for example, then our German section opens with all its channels and German-speaking players.
Tip: Every channel with the key icon will unlock more channels.

🤷 #ask-the-players is where mainly the English-speaking players offer you quick answers to general game-related questions. You will find similar channels in local sections like the German one mentioned above.

🤝 #travian-tour gives access to different channels you might want to visit. At the bottom of the tour post, you will see a row of flags: Click on any of the flag icons, and the whole post will be translated and sent to you as a private message. Handy, right?
Tip: You can add flags to almost any comment you see, to have them translated for you.

🎁 #giveaways channel has a Gold raffle open for you every day of the year, with 3 weekly winners of 150 Gold.

Please select one of these four channels to continue your journey.

Let’s have a closer look at the activities we prepared for you.

EVENTS can be found in the top left corner. Looks like there’s a live Guessing Game happening in this example. Below the live event, you see the “11 Events button. Click here to scroll through all the upcoming gameworlds and contests, and subscribe for a notification when your favorite event starts. The number (11) tells you how many events are scheduled for the coming weeks.

Discord Events Travian: Legends

TRAVIAN NEWS offers announcements, changelogs, and server and contest information. You can use flag icons to translate the news you see on these channels, or you can visit a local section where the news has already been translated.

CONTESTS AND RAFFLES offers a variety of fun events and a chat channel where you can discuss with the other contestants. We love running events with players, and there’s always something happening on our server. Remember to check your local section if they have more events planned.

Contests Travian: Legends

GAMEWORLD CHATS include all the five familiar regions, and each has a channel with a key 🔑 icon attached. If you happen to be playing on the International 3 server, then click on button number 3; looks like 80 other players have joined the International 3 chat channel. In the example image below, we have unlocked chats for Europe 20 (2x), Europe 50 (5x), and Asia 100 (10x), and hidden the regional key channels. 

Game worlds Travian: Legends Discord

If you unlocked the wrong gameworld channel, just click on the same icon again and this will hide the channel. Just like a light switch! You will find all the special gameworld chats below these regional channels, but those channels were hidden from this example to make the tour easier.

We have more channels on the Discord server and will leave it to you to get more familiar with the place. There’s a channel section for game suggestions, fun off-topic channels, a channel to meet Your Travian: Legends Team, and even voice/video channels where you can have group calls with friends or strangers.

👉 Join Discord 👈

Please enjoy your stay!
Your Travian: Legends Team