Tournament 2017 – It’s time for construction plans!

Soon it’ll be time for the construction plans to arrive. Templar Knight gave us the coordinates (+/- a couple of fields) before the forums were shut down and Safiren checked if the alliances on the server have made good use of that information.

Of course it’s not easy to tell if some of the settlements’ locations have been purposefully chosen or not, but Safiren knows that promter, the leader of QuT, is always on the watch when it comes to both artifacts and construction plans – but after all, she is Russian, even if she lives in Germany and play on the international domain.


The alliance Ghetto, allied with Rise and IKEA (mixed international players with several Scandinavians) is the one that seems to have been up to something – but are their recent actions the result of the construction plan announcement or was it done for a completely different purpose altogether?

PP (Croatia) has also covered the construction plan area quite well.

Dacia (Romania) don’t bother about WWs this round and they don’t have many villages in the construction plan zone.

The list below is based on the alliances that are located closest to the possible construction plan spawn points.

Wonders of the World require two plans to be built up to level 100, so let’s take a look at the chances of the primary metas to take two in the first run.

From the Finals we know that construction plans are not left unattended to for long. Usually no longer than 1-2 hours. On the qualification server, the areas around the construction plans is more scarcely populated, so we could add an hour or two.

In the North West, 1453-M (Turks) have a good chance to get at least two out of three available plans. SW (mixed international players) and QuT might try to snipe one from them.

North West

-18|30 1453
-35|4 1453, SW
-45|37 1453, QuT

The North East has 4 construction plans, VN (Vietnam) and Ghetto will get one each, while the race for the other two is evenly matched.

North East

33|12 Ghetto, Rise, VN
12|33 VN, Ghetto, Turkey
10|56 VN, Rise, Turkey, 1453, Ghetto
55|20 VN, Ghetto, IKEA

Things are a bit more exciting in the South East. Hellas DT (Greeks) have been seen as favorites from the start by many. They have only one construction plan in their area and PP, who also have a WW, are close to several and might be able to take two.

South East

30|-20 PP, Ghetto
4|-35    PP
44|-37 HellasDT, A, PP,

In the South West, Dacia said they would support SAM CZ (Czech). As neither of them are close to getting any construction plans, they will have to trust on SW to take them. But – SW have their own WW. Will they be willing to follow orders and support SAM CZ too?

South West

-26|-25 SW,
-10|-57 SW, PP
-55|-20 SW, Dacia, 1453