Author: Martina Toso

Travian: Legends ~ Coloring Books

This year was definitely a weird one. None of us could have ever imagined everything that happened, so we really hope you are all safe and well. We know that these are challenging times, many countries are forced to push limitations to travel and meetings. We can imagine that many of you will have a very different holiday season than in the past years, but we are sure you will be heroes and you will defend others by applying the safety measures suggested by your governments.

To help you keep a good mood, and to entertain you a bit, we have asked our art department (thanks Kaj and Mel) to help us prepare a couple of Coloring Books out of the sketches for the art that we published during the year.

We hope that this will bring you and your kids a bit of joy and entertainment.

Visit the Travian: Legends Coloring Book site to download the books, send us your masterpieces to color(@), and receive 10 Travian: Legends Gold. Don’t forget to write your nickname in the email!


#NYS2020 ~ Arise from Ashes ~ 5x Speed

We’re happy to announce that the New Year Special is coming back with its 5x speed gameworlds and tons of new features!

Domains: Arabic, Anglosphere, Balkans, CZSK, Germany, France, Hispano, Lusobrasileiro, Nordics, Russia, Turkey and the International COM gameworld will have all languages enabled.

Version: T4.5 (new User Interface, new backgrounds, tribe specific buildings, and contextual help)

Tribes: 5

Map Size: 801×801 (COM, Arabic, TR) 401×401 (Other domains)

Speed: 5x speed

Beginners protection length: 2 days

Beginners protection can be prolonged: 2 days

Resource production: 5x

Troops training speed: 5x

Troops travel speed: 2x

Travian Plus and Resource Bonus Duration: 3 days

Other features:

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!


Tournament Finals 2018 ~ War Diaries Week 14: One week to end-game

There’s only one week left before the end-game phase starts, and I decided to have a look at the fourth quadrant.

NorthWest is shared between Dacia (lilac), Turkey NW (red) and Germany (green). Turkey has more wings out in the boonies that aren’t visible on this map but you can see the full maps in my Corner together with interviews. The amazing amount of hammers that gangster from HYPE! has achieved to built is stunning – at least I believe I got reports on all of them.

Dacia is the biggest meta in this quadrant, 800 accounts. Turkey is down to 300 accounts and  Germany that is too small to be called a meta with 90 accounts still have taken a good part of it.

It is Dacia that will participate in the endgame. They are of equal size with CUP and IM in the SouthEast. Their primary WW at -100/100 was in the beginning in the hands of Turkey NW and it did cost a lot of hammers to Dacia a lot of hammers to conquer it.

The amount of players in each meta has usually been the significant sign on who will win but organisation is also an important fact when it comes to how much defence they will be able to feed in WWs and construction plan villages.

I think we can look forward to an exciting endgame, the outcome is not set this year.


Goodbye, Jay

Let’s make things straight from the beginning, Jay is not dead!

In case you don’t know whom I am talking about, Jay is the person that until now has answered your questions on Facebook, and has published these amazing blog posts for the past 9 months. If you read his interview, you know that he is from Australia.

As I am also a foreigner working abroad, I can perfectly understand homesickness. When it kicks in, there is not much you can do besides going home. And that’s what happened with Jay. He decided to leave the company and go back to the country of kangaroos.

He will be deeply missed in the company because he is genuinely a sunny-natured person. He is literally bringing the sun in those rainy German days. There are SO many stories to tell about him that I don’t really know where to start.

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