Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Annual Special ~ Teaser

In this teaser video, we bring you behind the scenes of this very anticipated event and we talk to several members of our Team about what’s special about Codex Victoria.

Curious to know more? The FULL video will be out soon, don’t miss it!

Ask Travian #20 ~ 7 Questions about the Artifacts

In this episode, we talk about the Artifacts… again!

Week 9 ~ Travian Tournament Qualifications ~ Medals

After a one-week break, we are back with more medals! Let’s see what happened in Week 9… Read More

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Scenes: Part 2 ~ Giving Life to the Hospital

What day is today? Sunday!

What does it mean? Another chapter of our behind-the-scene special about Travian: Codex Victoria!

When are we going to read it? Right NOW!

In case you missed the first part, click here and discover the secrets behind the name “Codex Victoria”.

But now let’s talk about the Hospital, one of the most exciting new features of the upcoming Annual Special.

And it is time to get creative! Grab your brushes and your palette because you might get inspired after reading this interview to Kaj, our 2D Artist who drew the five tribe-specific hospitals.

Let’s begin! Read More

Community Calendar ~ September 2019

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  • The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last minute, so keep watching the Payment/Store Information section of our Forums for the updates about it.
  • The speed gameworlds are usually planned when the previous one is over. This means that there is a high chance that this calendar will be updated often mainly to add new speed gameworlds to the list.
  • For the game world number, please check the Forums.

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Gameworld Starts

Save the date, dear players! The moment you’ve been all been waiting for has finally arrived….

September is getting closer and closer and we are excited to share with you the gameworld starts for our Annual Special, Codex Victoria!

Read about the exclusive game mechanics here.

And of course, don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Scenes: Part 1 ~ The Name

What’s in a name?

Alright, let’s leave that deep complex concept to Shakespeare and focus on what you are all here for.

Why Travian: Codex Victoria? Read More

Week 7 ~ Travian Tournament Qualifications ~ Medals

After a one-week break, we are back with more medals! Let’s see what happened in Week 7… Read More

New Confederacy System

We are happy to inform you that every new game world to open its doors from August 15, 2019, will include the new confederacy system.

After its implementation in Path to Pandora, we received a lot of positive feedback on our communication platform, the community survey, and during the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit.

The decision was therefore made to implement this system in the Travian: Legends game worlds as well. Read More

Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Closed Beta

The game is on!

Register with your Beta Key now!

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