Legends on Tour 2020 ~ The Plan

As you all know, due to the current pandemic emergency, we were forced to move the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit to October 2020.

After an intense brainstorming session, we managed to find a good compromise that allows us to keep involving the community in the development of the game despite the on-site event being postponed.

Our workflow will be similar to how developers work, which means we will have “sprints”. Read More

10x Speed Servers ~ #StaySafe #RunFast

In times of ultimate darkness, we cannot wait to see the first rays of sun. In times of isolation what we miss the most are good friends, a portion of fun, an ounce of adventure and a tiny bit of excitement. And we happen to know the perfect recipe for that!

As requested by many Travian: Legends communities, we are happy to introduce you to the most unique and fastest round of Travian: Legends ever! A 10x-speed-5-tribe gameworld with World of Wonders! Read More

Ask Travian #27 ~ The Brute Force of the Teutons

Which tribe shall I choose? We are here to help you out! This is the first episode of a mini-series entirely dedicated to our beloved tribes. First in line: the mighty Teutons!

But wait, it’s not it! In this post we are also revealing the new appearance of the Teutons’ units, soon available in-game.

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Codex Victoria x2 Speed – What’s new?

Once again, the horizon got coloured to red before falling into the darkness of night. The elite Roman legions, Huns hordes, Gaul phalanxes, endless Teuton armies and columns of fearless Egyptians have arrived to the battlefield to prove their power and fight for supremacy. At doubled speed. With doubled power.

Lots of things have changed since their first battles. The hospital healers have mastered their skills and now were able to heal wounded troops with incredible effectiveness. The regions are now giving their power only if there are enough people settled there and the power of merged armies was limited.

Curious to find the details about what exactly would change in Codex Victoria x2? 

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Legends on Tour 2020 Summit ~ Important Changes & Winners

Dear community,

The voting phase is over. Votes have been counted and the ambassadors that will represent the different communities have been chosen. We want to thank you all for participating, both by sending an application, and for voting your favorite candidate to represent our domain.

Below you can see the final voting statistics:


Also BlackBlade will join as Ambassador for the Anglosphere domain –> more information here.

After close consultation with the Game Development team, the Game Center and the Marketing Department, we had to make the difficult decision of postponing the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit to October due to the current Coronavirus-situation.

Since we spent the past four months preparing the event we are genuinely upset and disappointed for not being able to host the summit in May, but due to the current situation and the uncertainty regarding the further development of the epidemy, we prefer to postpone the event.

We have also decided that we still want to start working already with the Ambassador group, but in a different way.

Therefore, next week all the newly-elected Ambassadors will be contacted and all details will be provided, including special access to the Forum. This way they can already start creating discussions threads to collect different topics.

To summarize, the plan is to kick-start the event exactly as it was planned. We will invite the new Ambassadors to the Slack Workspace created for the 2019 Ambassadors. Together with the old Ambassadors, they will start collecting topics with the support of the entire community for the Legends on Tour Summit.

We will prioritize the topics and split them into categories, so that we can already start discussing in monthly voice webinars with the Game Design and Game Development team.

Full notes of these meetings and all the decisions made will be disclosed with the community.

We are very sorry for this sudden change of plan, even though it doesn’t fully depend on us. We really hope the Ambassadors will be able to join us in October.

Once again, congratulations for your election,

Your Travian: Legends Team

Ask Travian #26 ~ Fighting Bugs! (with Denis)

Curious to know how the hero item bug was defeated? Let’s hear it from Denis, our Tech Lead and Senior Dev!

Legends on Tour 2020 Summit – Voting phase

Are you ready? It is time for you to pick your favorite candidate for the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit!

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Ask Travian #25 ~ The Artist Behind the Wonder of the World (with Kaj)

New Year, New Ask Travian, New Guest! Which was the most difficult Wonder of the World to create and why? Let’s hear it from our artist, Kaj!

Legends on Tour 2020 Summit

The “Legends on Tour” summit is coming back with an update to the format. In this post, you can get all the information you need to apply and become a legend yourself.

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Global Rollout of Version 4.5 ~ Game Update

As we announced at the end of November, we are now ready to globally rollout version 4.5 to all the game worlds.

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