Community Survey ~ Result Analysis

Before our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit, we ran a survey in our communities to ask our players whether they would like to see certain features in the regular Travian: Legends game worlds. During the event, we showed and discussed the results of this survey. Read More

Travian Tournament 2019 ~ Qualification Groups

The Tournament 2019 is on the horizon (June 18th!) but as you all know, first comes the Qualification round!

The draw happened early this morning (our Social Media Manager was the lucky hand 😉 ) and here’s the result…

But how do we decide which country gets a dedicated server?

Due to the significant amount of players in the Arabic community, they require a dedicated qualification server, the Arabic International. The International (English) Server is for players from the countries which weren’t included in the group servers. This server’s game language and the support will be in English.

In order for a country to be eligible for a group server, it needs to be in the top 16 of the ‘active players’ and average ‘online players’ statistics from the previous year.

However, there are exceptions. As we award real prizes (soon to be revealed!) to the winners of the tournament, legal complications can arise depending on the local prohibition laws of that country such as Italy and Spain. This means that some countries we cannot invite to participate even though they make it into the top 16 and that’s why they aren’t included in the four group servers. Unfortunately, residents of these countries will not be eligible for prizes. The actual countries affected can be seen in the Tournament Terms & Conditions.

What about the prizes?

Check out this article!

Where can I find more info?

Make sure you check this blog post and stay tuned on our Forum & Facebook page!

The Battle of Teutoburg Forest ~ Travian Battles

We know for a fact that some of you are into history but even if you aren’t, you might be familiar with the epic stories of famous commanders such as Varus and Arminius. After all, there is a big chance you are actually one yourself in Travian: Legends.

That’s why we have created what we like to call an “interactive storybook” that follows the extraordinary Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

You can check it out HERE!

travian battle teutoburg

By employing smart tactics, using the weather and environmental conditions to their advantage, and not least through treason, a bellicose group of Teutonic tribes annihilated three legions of the highly disciplined army of the Roman Empire.

But this is not just a historically accurate report of what happened in the year 9 AD.

We added a little twist to it and we made Travian-style. How cool is that?!

Will your decisions in Travian: Legends write history as those of Varus and Arminius?

The only way to find that out is playing a new round!

Community Management ~ Notes from Legends On Tour 2019

After our notes on Customer Service, it’s time to report what we discussed about Community Management!

Read More

Travian Tournament 2019

The time for a new round of the most challenging Travian: Legends gameworlds of the year is getting closer! And it’s also time to spice things up a little! The Tournament 2019 Qualification Rounds will start on June 18th, 2019!


The Tournament comes back… completely revamped! Wonder what will change? A lot!

Egyptians and Huns are joining the battle!

Yes, this time our 2 new tribes won’t stay on the sidelines and just watch Teutons, Gauls, and Romans fighting for supremacy in the most intense gameworld ever. They will be right on the battlefield with them!

New confederacy system!

The limitation of only being able to support alliance and confederacy members with troops and resources will be enabled on the Tournament game worlds. You can find more details about the Confederacy System here.

New World Wonders!

For the first time ever, each tribe will have its own unique Tribe-specific World Wonder. Now they look even better! ?


We are aiming to draw the qualification matches latest on June 4th! We are currently waiting for some legal advice regarding the possibility for Italian and Spanish players to take part in the Tournament.

As usual, there will be 6 Qualification Rounds, one English International, one Arabic International and 4 groups composed of 4 domains each.


To get an entry key for the Tournament Finals, players need to join the Qualification server of their domain. During the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit we discussed the value and relevance of Qualification Rounds and together we came up with different requirements to qualify for the Finals.

One entry key is given to players whom at gameworld end respect one of the following parameters:

  • at least 10 villages,
  • a Top 100 position in the Offence Rank,
  • a Top 100 position in the Defense Rank.

Five entry keys players whom at gameworld end respect one of the following parameters:

  • a “Wonder of the World” village,
  • a Top 10 position in the Offence Rank,
  • a Top 10 position in the Defense Rank.

At the same time, the wildcard keys that are usually raffled before the Tournament Finals starts will stay heavily limited. This means that if you want to be sure to make into the Finals, you need to participate in the Qualification rounds.

Also, the Gold transfer links generated at the end of the 2018 Finals can be used in the Qualification Rounds of Tournament 2019.

More details coming soon!

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

Customer Service ~ Notes from Legends On Tour 2019

I know you are dying to know more about what we discussed during our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit. That moment has finally come, so brace yourselves… the Notes are coming!

Customer Service is the first topic we cover but in the following days, we will also report about Community Management and Game Design.

Since it’s going to be a VERY long post, you will be able to download the PDF version.

Let’s go!

Read More

Daily Quests ~ Game Update

During our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit we promised a variety of changes… and we are glad to present the first one (of many)! Read More

Legends on Tour 2019 Summit ~ What’s next?

The event is over, and now it’s time for the Travian: Legends team to recap and work on the different topics brought up by the community.

First, we want to thank all the participants, both from the communities and the company. In total there were around 30 people from Travian Games involved in this event in one way or another, so as you can see it was a huge investment in time from our side.

It is a very important event for us as we are trying to get closer and closer to the communities and the communities need and such an event help us to reach this goal.

You probably already read most of what happened from the communities’ representative in the forum or on our daily updates (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4). So, what’s gonna happen? Read More

Legends on Tour – Day 4

Here we are. The final day of Legends on Tour 2019. Time to say goodbye… Read More

Legends on Tour – Day 3

Hot topics, hot topics EVERYWHERE. That’s Day 3 in a nutshell.

When you read “Customer Service” you might think – oh, such a boring topic! – but it turned out to be quite the opposite for our 8 Legends. Plus, as you can see from the title, we also chatted about another major topic: the Tournament.

I would go so far as to say that Day 3 turned out to be even more thrilling than Day 1 and Day 2 but I will let you be the judge of that by encouraging you to read our previous reports.

But now it is the time to dive into Day 3… Read More