What exactly does… Joe King?

While doing some research to find more people to interview for our “What does a… do?” column, a sudden knock on my door broke my concentration: A bearded man with glasses stuck his head in at the door and said “Hi Anny, I am Joe King!” – An interview with the unofficial expert of Travian: Kingdoms? Why not?

Joe, what is your main job here at Travian: Kingdoms?

I am one of the folk you go to ask for help and advice when you are lost or have a question about the game. Especially newbies are welcome! Just drop by my facebook page and leave me a comment or a message. I also post “Ask Joe!” posts on a regular basis, in which I answer certain questions in more detail.

How did you get to work for Travian in the first place?

Well, I have been a Travian player going back to the original versions of Travian but it was not until I played Kingdoms that I really became a fan – that one I instantly fell in love with. After exchanging a few e-mails with the Travian support and game designers (editor’s note: our game designers assure us they were more than a few per week) we quickly hit if off with each other. When Travian was looking for somebody to take care of Social Media and a bit of player support, I applied instantly.

What fascinates you so much about Kingdoms?

I love the battle for territory, the team play among members of the alliances. Although I prefer to play as king, I love the option to play as a normal governor and just focus on the economy. Most importantly though is that hard to define atmosphere that is so unique to Travian.

You are known as a silly goose in our offices – how did that happen?

Well, I have to admit that I can be a real teaser and I do like to look for silly things on the internet to share with our players. Of course that can rub the people the wrong way, which is why I now focus mostly on lending a helping hand to our players.

What are the typical questions you get?

Players ask me things about every aspect of the game: Basic game functions that they cannot find, inquiries about the game mechanics and even questions regarding the best offensive tactics. Most common are basic things, though.

What is the most fun part about your job?

That I can play a lot of Travian: Kingdoms of course! Also, the feeling to help the players. Once, I received a screenshot of a very successful battle report by a player whose newbie questions I had answered only a month before. I have to say, I felt a little proud.

…and what is the least fun?

The looks I get when I want to present an idea to our game designers. Just kidding – the days on which Facebook is acting up are worst, which happens once in a while.

Where do we find you and your postings?

On my Facebook page!

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