5 Questions with BlackBlade ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Only 3 weeks left until our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit… Isn’t it exciting?!? We personally cannot wait!

It’s time to get to know the representatives you have voted for! First in line BlackBlade,who is going to speak for the Anglosphere domain.

Nice to meet you, BlackBlade! First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers. Whats the most important thing we need to know about you?

Im BlackBlade, commonly known as BB. Im an American and have played on the US servers on and off since 2007. Since I came back from retirement in 2017 Ive also played on COM and the newly merged Anglosphere domain.

The most important thing to know about me is that I really care about this game. It drives me crazy, I spend too much time and money on it, but I keep coming back. I want to see the game experience improved and I will fight as hard as I can to do that. Those who know me well know I wont accept placations.

This game is important to all of us but we can all agree that there is significant room for improvement. I will make sure the thoughts and emotions of the community get expressed.

Let’s travel back in time. How did you find out about Travian: Legends back in the days?

It has been so long I really dont remember.

I started back in 2007 but I would assume I was surfing the web looking for another browser game to play. Around that time I had started another browser game that a friend recommended and that was when my interest in them began.

I just sort of found Travian and since then Ive put in countless hours and excessive sums of money.

Whats your favorite game speed and why?

2x is definitely the closest thing to a favorite I have.

3x (and 5x) is definitely too fast and 1x can be slow at times. 2x has a pretty good flow through the game but I do wish the server itself lasted a bit longer. But out of all the current speed options, 2x is the most balanced I think.

What do you find particularly entertaining about the game?

The people. You meet all kinds of people, from different countries, backgrounds, and interests.

I am pleased to say I have friends all over the globe, from Australia, India, Lebanon, Germany, the UK and more. It really is a great experience knowing all these people and getting to spend so much time with them.

Which team are you most excited to meet in the upcoming Legends on Tour event?

I dont really have a specific team in mind. Ive got a lot of ideas that impact all of the teams.

That said, if I had to pick one, I would lean towards Game Design. There is a lot of things that can be done to make this game an even better experience and it starts with building out the specifics of ideas.

The Game Designer builds the vision for the game and the features that the Development team build. Then, the other teams build on the work of the dev team. That makes game design the foundation of the entire operation and I think having the opportunity to interface with Jake has the potential to really address a lot of community concerns.

Thank you for your time BlackBlade and see you soon in Munich!

If you have any questions about the summit, make sure you visit our Forum and take part in the discussions!