Travian Late Night is back!

Important news for those of you, who don’t follow us on Youtube: 1. Travian Late Night is back! In our new episode Michael and Stefan discuss several topics: the new Travian TV spot, a video in cooperation with… Read More

T5 Video Blog: The Dev Team

In the seventh episode of our video blog everything’s about the developement team of Travian V. Markus, our “Tech Lead” will tell you something about the biggest challenges he had to fight with until now.

T5 Video Blog: The art of Travian V

In the fifth episode of our video blog it’s all about the art of Travian 5 and it’s creators behind. Valerio, the art lead explaines in his interview his relation to TravianGames, too.

T5 Video Blog: Usability

In the 4th episode of our T5 video blog Stepahn, our production director, is talking about the usability and the better game experience of T5. He explains what will be new, too. In addition he talks a little… Read More

Picture of the Day: Pilgrimage

Since yesterday we have visitors in our office from Atlanta. A film team composed of three Travian players, sent us an email and asked us if it´s possible to shoot a roadmovie. They will produce a movie showing… Read More

Travian Late Night 6

In the sixth episode of our Travian Late Night show we have a very Special guest. Valerio, the T5 lead-desinger stops by. We will talk with him about the T5 artworks, what kind of changes the players can expect and what… Read More

Travian Late Night 3

For the third issue of our Travian LateNight Show Michael and Max have prepared a lot of interesting topics for you. In this episode we talk about Ancient Europe, T5, the qualification for the current tournament, a huge BBQ, our… Read More