Who actually was… Caligula?

Caligula, whose real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, was the Roman emperor from 37 to 41 AD and Tiberius’ successor. His reign only lasted four years and he went down in history as Rome’s greatest tyrant. It’s… Read More

What’s the latest on…?

Have you ever wondered what your old friends or foes from Travian are doing today? If your answer is yes, this series of posts will be just right for you! Today we sat down with Clemens “subcommandante” Paulusch… Read More

The Wonders of the World have arrived

The first Open Beta Travian: Kingdoms servers have hit the home stretch. Now the final battle for the Wonders of the World will take place. The Wonders already appeared on the Russian RU1 server last Wednesday. The servers… Read More

Travian: Kingdoms starts Open Beta!

Finally! At this very moment Travian: Kingdoms starts the open beta on the servers DE and COM. The Russian players startet exactly one week ago. As current “Travian world champions” this was an honor they rightfully earned. On… Read More

Interview with Campbell Askew

Does the name Campbell Askew sound familiar to you? Some of you will most likely have heard some of his works, be it in famous Hollywood blockbusters or in a range of console games. He has also created… Read More

New Travian, new graphic style

Many of you have been able to test the new Travian version in the Alpha and Closed Beta. Already in the Alpha, players have noticed a change in the graphic style of the Travian interface. In this early… Read More

New blog

Finally it’s finished: The┬áTravian blog shines in new splendor and is also now available in a third language. Why the new design and language? Let’s consider one thing at a time. The new design Since the old blog’s… Read More

T5 Video Blog: The Dev Team

In the seventh episode of our video blog everything’s about the developement team of Travian V. Markus, our “Tech Lead” will tell you something about the biggest challenges he had to fight with until now.

Halloween at Travian Headquarter

Happy Halloween!

Introduction of the new T5 Reporter

As you might have noticed, Max, the T5 reporter has left for Vienna some time ago. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself.