Travian – A Year in Review

Here we are at the end of another year. And what a year it was. 2016 will probably not be anyone’s favorite if we look back on global events but if we reflect on the world of Travian,… Read More

My impressions of Travian’s 2016 Christmas party

A brief review A successful 2016 filled with exciting tasks, experiences and new projects now lies (almost) behind us. Following an amazing Christmas party, we are now quickly approaching the most festive days of the year.

A Very Special Test Server

Soon we will start a special Travian: Kingdoms test server to try out some significant rule changes to how alliances and kingdoms work in the game, as well as a rebalancing of victory point stealing and bonuses for… Read More

What is… localization?

What exactly is localization and what work does it involve? Robert from the localization team was kind enough to answer these questions and more in an interview.

Travian Kingdoms: The new chat system is here!

Good news, everyone! We gave our good-old chat system a complete overhaul and included a few new features.

What exactly does… Joe King?

While doing some research to find more people to interview for our “What does a… do?” column, a sudden knock on my door broke my concentration: A bearded man with glasses stuck his head in at the door… Read More

Travian: Kingdoms: New building offers free mini games

Short waiting times are as much a part of Travian as Theutates Thunder is a part of a good Gaul army. Experienced players know that this time is best spent planning and communicating with their own alliance.

Travian: Kingdoms: Новое здание с бесплатными мини-играми

Небольшие периоды ожидания точно такая же часть Travian, как тевтатские громы – хорошее подспорье в галльской армии. Опытные игроки знают, что эти периоды лучше всего провести, планируя действия и общаясь со своим альянсом.

Building queue

We’re going to revise the building queue in an upcoming update. The current version has turned out to be not all that user-friendly and, especially for new players, really hard to understand. We would therefore like to make… Read More

TK2GO – now available worldwide!

The deed is done! Our Travian: Kingdoms app has been rolled out to all countries. TK2GO is available for iOS and Android and premiered in Denmark on August 3rd 2015. German players could first download the app on… Read More