Travian: Kingdoms: Новое здание с бесплатными мини-играми

Небольшие периоды ожидания точно такая же часть Travian, как тевтатские громы – хорошее подспорье в галльской армии. Опытные игроки знают, что эти периоды лучше всего провести, планируя действия и общаясь со своим альянсом. Continue reading… “Travian: Kingdoms: Новое здание с бесплатными мини-играми”


Building queue

We’re going to revise the building queue in an upcoming update. The current version has turned out to be not all that user-friendly and, especially for new players, really hard to understand. We would therefore like to make the building queue simpler and easier to understand visually in order to improve its overall usability. In turn, we also see this process as an opportunity to tweak a few things with respect to the functionality itself. Continue reading… “Building queue”


TK2GO – now available worldwide!

The deed is done! Our Travian: Kingdoms app has been rolled out to all countries. TK2GO is available for iOS and Android and premiered in Denmark on August 3rd 2015. German players could first download the app on September 30th, 2015, followed by Czech and French users on October 22nd, 2015.

With TK2GO, you can manage your kingdom as a king or governor while on the go: Train troops, complete missions and let your villages flourish, whenever, wherever.

Watch this video to get a first impression of TK2GO.

If you can’t wait and want to give it a try, you can download the app for free:

Don’t forget to tell your fellow players and friends about TK2GO. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback. See you on the battlefield!