Travian: Rise of Alliances – Hero Adventures Wrap-Up II

Welcome to the second part of our Hero Adventures’ Wrap Up! Today we’ll get down to the numbers. But before we do so, let’s take a look at Day 5, 6 and 7.

Travian: Rise of Alliances – Hero Adventures Wrap-Up I

Usually, we ask you to prove yourselves on the battlefield. But for our anniversary special Travian: Rise of Alliances, we also want to put your logical skills to the test. Today, we present you the first wrap-up of… Read More

Nostalgia in pictures – Part III

Welcome to the 3rd and final episode of our Nostalgia in pictures series. Today, we continue to share some comics and images from the past. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show!

“Travian: Rise of Alliances” – Round-Up

The end of RoA draws near The curtain on Travian: Rise of Alliances will soon close. We have launched a server for each language and we’d like to thank all the participants for joining and giving us plenty… Read More

Nostalgia in Pictures – Part II

Last week we showed you a few comics and illustrations from the past.

Rise of Alliances: Schnelles Siedeln wird belohnt

Um den Start unseres COM-Servers für Rise of Alliances zu feiern, hatten wir zu einem Wettbewerb aufgerufen, bei unsere Spieler miteinander wetteiferten um zu entscheiden, wer der schnellste Siedler ist!

Rise of Alliances – Feature Presentation Vol. 4: Classic Strategy Comeback

We are back with one more feature for our anniversary special, Rise of Alliances, and this one could be a biggie for those hardcore Travian strategists among you:

Rise of Alliances — Представление функций. Часть 4: Возвращение классической стратегии

На нашем особом сервере в честь дня рождения, Rise of Alliances, будет представлена еще одна функция, которая может стать решающей для истинных стратегов Travian:

Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 2: Balancing Changes

Both players and game designers know how important it is: Good balancing is crucial for a competitive multi-player game. Only then will the gaming experience be worthwhile, motivating and challenging. That doesn’t mean however that there is the… Read More

Rise of Alliances — Представление функций. Часть 2: Изменения в балансе

И игроки, и геймдизайнеры знают: хороший баланс имеет ключевое значение для многопользовательской игры, построенной на соперничестве. Только тогда впечатление от игры стоит потраченных на нее усилий и мотивирует дойти до конца. Однако это не означает, что имеется некий… Read More