Mehr Nostalgie: Die Geschichte der Travian Specials, Teil 2

Das letzte Mal haben wir uns hier den frühen Tagen unserer jährlichen Feierlichkeiten und Specials gewidmet. Der vorige Blogpost erstreckte sich zu Ancient Europe aus 2014. Damals wurden einige der üblichen Spielmechaniken aus Travian verändert und wurde auf der Karte eines titelgebenden, alten Europas gespielt. Continue reading… “Mehr Nostalgie: Die Geschichte der Travian Specials, Teil 2”


Rise of Alliances – Everything about the servers

Fellow friends of Travian. It is time to give you all the details on the servers for this year’s special! As a tradition for special server in February, the sever speed will be 2x but that is of course not everything. The transfer of gold from and to the servers of the special will be possible and you will able to refer other players to Travian through this account and earn gold that way.

The beginner’s protection on our special servers lasts three days but you have the option to extend this to three additional days.

Currently the starting date for the first server is the 15th of February but this may change. In the span of four weeks, the specific domains will get their according servers. The servers’ running time will be 140 days.

In order to celebrate the start of Rise of Alliances, we will have several exciting events on our social media channels and in our forums, keep an eye out for them!