Tea@Three – Mel

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are. Melanie, 30 …but thanks to Ingo I look like 45… What is your profession? Concept Artist. How long have you been working for Travian? Since 2010.

Tea@Three – Julian

Tell us your Name / Nickname and how old you are Julian “Wrathr”, 24 What is your profession? WAR! WAR! WAR! (Reference) How long have you been working for Travian? A bit over a year

Tea@Three – Dario

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are. My name is Dario. I am 28 years old. What is your profession? Game Designer. How long have you been working for Travian? Four and a half… Read More

1st RPG event on the German Travian forum

On October, 7th, so about two weeks ago, the first RPG competition started on the German Travian forum. Players were asked to write a short story about Travian in the style of a role play. To additionally motivate… Read More

Workspaces, where the magic happens…

The first post of our “Workspaces” picture-book series is less about the Workspace itself than about the delicious birthday cake, which one of our colleagues brought to us…. It’s official omnomnom time!

The Travian-Amulet

Dear players, it’s been some time since we celebrated our 9th birthday, a whole month, to be precise. All birthday servers are running smoothly and players have been able to celebrate their first big successes on the new… Read More

Travian card game during Travian and Friends

During our event Travian & Friends 2013 (02.- 04.08.), we had a little surprise for all participants. For the very first time, the players were able to test the initial version of our new Travian card game for… Read More

What does the Support do ?

With a team of more than 750 employees and voluntary supporters, Travian responds to up to 100,000 email requests per day. In order to work on the requests within a reasonable time, elaborate knowledge of the game and training… Read More

Travian Meeting 2013

With this little article, we at Travian Games would like to thank all visitors of this year’s Travian Meeting. We are already looking forward to the next year, when it will be time again to “come and celebrate… Read More

Travian goes Minecraft

Here’s a full and very detailed Travian village rebuilt in Minecraft. There may even be a bit of fighting. Take a look at this awesome video made by Omar8000.