Travian: Kingdoms – How to chief

As many players of the Closed Beta of our latest Travian version have asked us for more detailed information about chiefing in the game, we’ve prepared the answers to your questions below: Requirements In general, the requirements of… Read More

Start of the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta Server

A big moment for the Travian universe! In just a few minutes the Travian: Kingdoms Open Beta will start with the Russian server. The German server, as well as the international one, will go live in a week… Read More

Announcement: Travian: Kingdoms Open-Beta

Dear Travian players, We can tell from your emails, posts and comments that many of you are already looking forward to this announcement. The time has come: The Open Beta of Travian: Kingdoms is about to start.


Dear Travian players, In the games industry there are companies with slogans like “By gamers for gamers”. Here at Travian Games, we don’t have such a slogan, this idea is deeply rooted in our DNA. We develop our… Read More