Picture of the Day: New office spaces?

What do you think this space could be turned into? New office spaces? The room’s games corner with a “virtual golf screen”? Or something completely different?


Dear Travian players, In the games industry there are companies with slogans like “By gamers for gamers”. Here at Travian Games, we don’t have such a slogan, this idea is deeply rooted in our DNA. We develop our… Read More

Travian Beta Chronicles: Over and done with

At 8:24am it was all done and dusted. “alb” became the first player to finish their Wonder of the World at level 50 and scored victory for the SAMURAI, of which I am also a member. This marks… Read More

Interview with Campbell Askew

Does the name Campbell Askew sound familiar to you? Some of you will most likely have heard some of his works, be it in famous Hollywood blockbusters or in a range of console games. He has also created… Read More

Travian Beta Chronicles: Battle of the three alliances

And so it begins. Our Wonders of the World are upgraded constantly and are quickly nearing level 50. Our Wonder of the World only just reaches level 38, when a massive offense is launched on it by the… Read More

New blog

Finally it’s finished: The Travian blog shines in new splendor and is also now available in a third language. Why the new design and language? Let’s consider one thing at a time. The new design Since the old blog’s… Read More

Travian Late Night Show 7

In the seventh episode of our Travian Late Night show it’s all about the new T5-Reporter, the Travian V closed beta and a new feature in T4.4. In addition to that there will be news and a little… Read More

Mysterious picture taken at Travian Headquarter

What are these three guys going to do LateNight at Travian HQ in Munich?

Tea@Three: Rachit

Today we introduce the player Rachit from India. He is our next person in the new round of Travian Tea@Three. He sent us some pictures from his account and hisself, too, so he will get a chieftain statue… Read More

Tea@Three: Shahzad

The next player we introduce in our Tea@Three players instruction is Shahzad from Pakistan. He will get an chieftain for sending us a picture of him and his last hammer. Congratulation Shahzad!