A new communication system in Travian: Kingdoms

The whole communication system is currently being revised in Travian: Kingdoms. The primary goal here is to make it easier for a player to get all the information relevant to them, particularly as a lot of information is only “hot” for a short time, for example sending reinforcements. There is also information that is only relevant in a certain region, like reserving a spot on the map. Continue reading… “A new communication system in Travian: Kingdoms”


Gamescom: Travian looks back

What a week! The Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is over and although it was a successful – and yet exhausting week in the Rhine metropolis for all members of the Travian team – our work at home in Munich doesn’t stand still. In our HQ we are already working on new ideas for Travian: Legends and Travian: Kingdoms. In our little picture gallery we want to show you some photos from Cologne that you normally might not see from a game company. Continue reading… “Gamescom: Travian looks back”


The community event in Cologne!

The gamescom 2015 in cologne is coming and with it also the community event! It takes place on August the 7th, from 7 pm in the HoteLux. There are big news about Travian. Learn everything about the coming features in Travian: Kingdoms. Also you can test our new Travian: Kingdoms app!

It sounds like something really cool!

Here are the most important informations:
When? August 7th, from 7 pm
Where? HoteLux, Von-Sandt-Platz 10, 50679 Cologne
Admission: 0,- Euro

You can find some more informations here and also the application form!

We’re looking forward to see you there!

To prepare yourself: Here are the games! Travian: Legends and Travian: Kingdoms!