Gamescom: Flirt help!

We prepared a professional flirt help model from bavaria. Now we just need to find the exact leather trousers herer at Gamescome.

Gamescom: Nina und Pascal

Nina und Pascal wollten eigentlich auf der Gamescom nicht vor die Kamera. Naja, eigentlich wollten wir euch nur Nina zeigen, aber Pascal musste sich ja wieder mit reindrängeln 🙂

Gamescom: Artworks

World premiere: Our exclusive artworks of the upcoming T5 version give a nice touch to our meeting room.

Gamescom: The Stand

In cooperation with other companies from Bavaria we did get our own theme area, promoted by the Bavarian State Ministry of economy and media, energy and technology.

From the scrolls of Ambiorix

After the last journey across the Sahara desert, my heroine was quite exhausted. To refresh herself, she enjoyed a short swim in the ocean the other day. Down by the beach, she found a sealed glass bottle containing… Read More

Tea@Three: Rene

Here is our fourth edition of the weekly player Tea@Three. Today we introduce from Germany, Rene. He sent us also a picture of himself with his girlfriend and a screenshot of his account. So of course he will get… Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

My heroine is so fascinated by the new map of Europe that she is traveling miles to explore the new regions. In the desert, she found an abandoned oasis where a scroll from good old Henrik was hidden.

Amulet Hide & Seek: Hello San Francisco (Found)

The amulet was found by Matthew on 21/08/2014. Congratulations! This amulet is dedicated to Tyler.  In Loving Memory of Tyler G/planesrock TO/GA 5/14/13 After the big success in Germany, our Travian Amulet Hide & Seek made a big… Read More

T5: Start of the Alpha

The wait is over! This afternoon our big alpha test of Travian V starts.

Travian-Contest: Pixel Rallye

Watch out: one of our great Chieftain statues can be yours! Let´s see how well you really know Travian!