Tournament Finals 2015 – all information + wild card raffle

We’re all eagerly awaiting the Tournament Finals. Now it’s official: It will be BIG! Players from more than 20 countries put their skills to the test on the qualification servers. Tense battles were fought, powerful alliances formed and great empires founded. Now we will enter the grand finale.
160 days in which just as much can happen. Continue reading… “Tournament Finals 2015 – all information + wild card raffle”


The community event in Cologne!

The gamescom 2015 in cologne is coming and with it also the community event! It takes place on August the 7th, from 7 pm in the HoteLux. There are big news about Travian. Learn everything about the coming features in Travian: Kingdoms. Also you can test our new Travian: Kingdoms app!

It sounds like something really cool!

Here are the most important informations:
When? August 7th, from 7 pm
Where? HoteLux, Von-Sandt-Platz 10, 50679 Cologne
Admission: 0,- Euro

You can find some more informations here and also the application form!

We’re looking forward to see you there!

To prepare yourself: Here are the games! Travian: Legends and Travian: Kingdoms!


From the scrolls of Henrik

My heroine soon arrives in Rome. The trees are still shining in green, while high up in the north, the leaves have started to fall already. Nonetheless, it has become colder in the southern part of Europe, too. “Time for something warm”, she thought. Just in that moment, she spotted a Teutonic village in the distance. Upon her arrival at the local tavern, the heroine wanted to order warm mead. Unfortunately the pub was all out of the nice beverage. So she had to opt for another hot drink: tea. With her tea, she was served a scroll detailing the history of the infusion drink in Travian. Continue reading… “From the scrolls of Henrik”