Server Lottery

Have you already heard about our new server lottery? The lottery takes place every Friday. On that day, we will announce the new server starts and you will have the chance to win some extra gold! Intrigued? Just… Read More

The Travian Information Minister

Speaking to the brand marketing manager at Travian is easier said than done; he’s a busy man with a whole heap of work on his desk. All the better that we found some time to ask Martin Riedt… Read More

Gamescom: Travian looks back

What a week! The Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is over and although it was a successful – and yet exhausting week in the Rhine metropolis for all members of the Travian team – our work at home in… Read More

The community event in Cologne!

The gamescom 2015 in cologne is coming and with it also the community event! It takes place on August the 7th, from 7 pm in the HoteLux. There are big news about Travian. Learn everything about the coming… Read More

Travian: Legends

A big change takes place today: Travian 4.4 becomes Travian: Legends. We asked you, our community, to vote for your favourite name. Around 2000 players have participated and the half of them voted for Travian: Legends. This is… Read More

A visitor from Russia

At Travian Games we often say that the players are our most important feature. We like to use every opportunity to show that this is not just talk, but that the community really is the center of our… Read More

Travian Tournament 2015

Today we have an important announcement concerning the Travian Tournament for you.

Well-known sayings: Varus

The tribes of Travian have left their mark on our civilization!

The most asked questions about T4.4 speed

When do the T4.4 speed servers start? On Friday, 7th March 2014, the first T4.4 speed servers will start. Further T4.4 speed servers will be announced in due course. Starting dates for your domain can be found on… Read More

T4.4 – The Rally Point

“We are saving the best for last!” You will see that this is certainly true. Today, I will introduce you to the best change in T4.4 by far. I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer…. Read More