Picture of the Day: New office spaces?

What do you think this space could be turned into? New office spaces? The room’s games corner with a “virtual golf screen”? Or something completely different?

Merry Christmas !

Travian wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas!

Picture of the Day: Christmas Spirit at Travian Headquarter

The snow might be missing but there are some christmas spirits at Travian headquarter. On our picture of the day Santa Clause gets a heartly hug without further ado. We wish you a contemplative christmas time. Yours, Andi

Halloween at Travian Headquarter

Happy Halloween!

10. Birthday: KEEN and the Knife

You can take the cake but if you want to drink the alcohol you have to get past me!

10. Birthday: The Tattoo

The love for Travian touches the heart!

Travian celebrates its 10th Birthday!

The first guests arrived. The Birthday will start now!

10. Birthday: Welcome Speech

Die Feier zu Ehren des 10. Geburtstags von Travian wird mit einer kurzen Ansprache von Eckart Foos, Game Director, und Gerhard Short welcome speech from Eckart Foos, Game Director, and Gerhard (Keen), founder of Travian.

Picture of the Day: Pilgrimage

Since yesterday we have visitors in our office from Atlanta. A film team composed of three Travian players, sent us an email and asked us if it´s possible to shoot a roadmovie. They will produce a movie showing… Read More

Picture of the Day: Rest vs. Stress

We wanted to compare T4 with T5.