Travian History in the making

When it comes to our annual special “Rise of Alliances” everybody – including ourselves – is curious about the decision process that lead to the game design decisions of this year’s special. Reason enough to go right to… Read More

What is… localization?

What exactly is localization and what work does it involve? Robert from the localization team was kind enough to answer these questions and more in an interview.

Travian Tournament 2016 – Interview with last year’s winner

The Travian Tournament is all about being the best of the best! We all know that it’s a long way to the top of the Travian leaderboards. One who went all the way is Vali. He is one… Read More

What exactly does…an intern?

Everybody knows it: The job of an intern is to make coffee, tidy up and even clean sometimes. Admittedly, someone actually once did tidy up for us, too. But the job of a social media intern includes more… Read More

Scattered Empire – Interview with Tommy

Your opinion matters to us! That’s why we presented a couple of questions to the community. The result was an interesting interview with one of our players, Tommy.

What exactly does… Joe King?

While doing some research to find more people to interview for our “What does a… do?” column, a sudden knock on my door broke my concentration: A bearded man with glasses stuck his head in at the door… Read More

Scattered Empire – A new round‏

Scattered Empire was our birthday special last year. This year the special will begin a second round. Read all the information here.

Colorblind Feature

The colorblind feature is an in-game improvement created for colorblind people. This means it’s for people who have difficulty seeing colors like others do.

An Interview about Travian: Kingdoms

In a new video, Dario is telling us about Travian: Kingdoms. How the endgame is working, what the victory points are good for and a few things about some new features. Have fun! By the way: here is… Read More

The Travian Information Minister

Speaking to the brand marketing manager at Travian is easier said than done; he’s a busy man with a whole heap of work on his desk. All the better that we found some time to ask Martin Riedt… Read More