Rise of Alliances – Interview with Game Designer Jake

Our preparations for the annual special Travian: Rise of Alliances are in full swing and there are only a few weeks left until it starts! Our Game Designer Jake took the time to give us this video interview… Read More

“Travian: Rise of Alliances” – Core Features

Last week we announced the upcoming birthday special Travian: Rise of Alliances. Today, we’d like to introduce its core features. We received a lot of positive feedback for last year’s annual special Travian: Scattered Empire, so we want… Read More

Travian: Legends – the new video feature

Being able to shorten construction times in Travian! That most likely is a wish right at the top of the list of every player. With the “video feature” we may have just the right thing for you. It… Read More

Kingdoms: Relocation

It’s a question of luck whether you get to have a good king when you start your game as a governor, or vice versa, whether you get to have good governors when you start as a king. If… Read More

Colorblind Feature

The colorblind feature is an in-game improvement created for colorblind people. This means it’s for people who have difficulty seeing colors like others do.

A new communication system in Travian: Kingdoms

The whole communication system is currently being revised in Travian: Kingdoms. The primary goal here is to make it easier for a player to get all the information relevant to them, particularly as a lot of information is… Read More

The card game

The card game is one of the great new features in Travian: Kingdoms. You can win a range of valuable items and bonuses. There are two different playing modes: In the standard mode you can pick one of… Read More