TK2GO – now available worldwide!

The deed is done! Our Travian: Kingdoms app has been rolled out to all countries. TK2GO is available for iOS and Android and premiered in Denmark on August 3rd 2015. German players could first download the app on… Read More

Gamescom report – the first!

Here is the first little report from the gamescom.

Приложение “Travile”

У Travian много креативных фанатов по всему миру. Один из них – Мариус Флорентин из Румынии. Он не сочинил историю и не создал видео. Зато он написал приложение “Travile”, с которым гораздо легче играть в Travian c iPhone…. Read More

Hashtag Rally

Dear Travian players, It’s often not easy to maintain one’s duties as a king or governor. Sometimes, real life is calling: your work, your fellow human beings or the empty fridge need attention. In order to fulfill these… Read More