Travian: Path to Pandora – Prequel

My name is Shu, I am a Natarian bird of prey. I used to live in the village Nekhen in the Travian lands a few miles from the Natarian capital Atum. My whole life was dedicated to serving… Read More

Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 2: Balancing Changes

Both players and game designers know how important it is: Good balancing is crucial for a competitive multi-player game. Only then will the gaming experience be worthwhile, motivating and challenging. That doesn’t mean however that there is the… Read More

Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 1: Alliance Bonus

Our game designers have prepared a number of features for this year’s birthday special “Travian: Rise of Alliances”. Each of them will be featured in a separate entry as part of our brandnew blog series, so that you… Read More

Rise of Alliances — Представление функций. Часть 1: Бонус альянса

Наши геймдизайнеры подготовили целый ряд новых функций для особого сервера этого года — “Travian: Rise of Alliances”. Каждая из них будет представлена отдельной статьей в серии сообщений в блоге, чтобы вы были хорошо информированы и подготовлены к игре…. Read More

Upcoming anniversary special “Travian: Rise of Alliances”

Travian: Legends is celebrating its 12th birthday and you are warmly invited! Following tradition, Travian’s game designers have prepared another awe-inspiring annual special for the fall. You really shouldn’t miss out on it!