Tournament Finals 2021 ~ Wildcards, Prizes & Keys

⚔️The Tournament Finals 2021 are almost here!⚔️

Right in this very moment, veteran players from all around the world are forging their strategies for the Travian Tournament Finals. New tactics are discussed, teams are gathered, and alliance diplomats are reaching known forces for pre-round agreements – whether it is a possible confederacy or a total war against each other!

Did you miss the beginning of Qualification rounds, but you are sure that you have enough skills and stamina to rival the best of the best?

Try your luck and get a wildcard key to Finals!

In order to take part, leave your e-mail address on our Tournament page until October 18th, 2021 (14:00 UTC+2) for a chance to win one out of 500 keys in our Wildcard Raffle.

Gold prizes and Access Keys for those who already qualified through the Qualification phase, and wildcards for those who won the Raffle will be delivered via e-mail on the 22nd of October.

Get ready, the real battle is still ahead!


Travian турнир финале 2021 ~ Сачувајте датум

Време је да ви и ваши савезници докажете да се сва вежба и стратегије исплате! Финале турнира почиње…

2. новембра 2021.

Сачувајте датум у календару и спремите се за сјајне награде и вечну славу. Више информација о џокер позивницама, квалификационим кључевима и наградама биће објављено у наредних неколико дана. У међувремену, можете погледати нашу рубрику турнир на блогу!

Срећно и запамтите… Ко год први изгради светско чудо на степен 100 ће постати победник Travian турнира 2021!