New tribe: A few words on the Egyptians

As we all know by now: This year‘s Travian Special will feature not one but two new tribes. Last time around, we introduced a little historical background on The Huns and today we take a look at the Egyptians.

The Egyptians are known for their massive pyramids so it is no surprise that they were expert builders. Yet, they also mastered economy and find new ways to use the river Nile to benefit their agriculture. This was largely the effort of bureaucrats and effective organization.

Their empire saw a decline after its hay day and became a Roman providence under Cleopatra, so we have a built in –  if uneasy – relationship between the Egyptians and our classic tribe.

Due to the Egyptian skills when it comes to manage an economy, their population is massive, their resource output is big and their units are produced in an effective, meaning cheap way.

We bet, our support players are already looking forward to send their Egyptians into battle, where they will meet with Gauls, Teutons, Romans and of course Huns!


Travian: Fire and Sand – Closed Beta

Are you ready? By now you should know that this year’s Annual Special, which will be called Travian: Fire and Sand from now on, will be released starting from September.
We got many feedbacks from you all in the past weeks, but obviously these are based on assumption and theory, on numbers and feelings. It’s time now to put your hands on the it for real.
How so?
We have decided to start a Closed Beta English speaking server on 1st of August. We will invite part of our veteran community and influencers to test Fire and Sand and ask them to provide us with feedbacks through 3 surveys.
The invitation emails will be sent out on 31st July and will contain 2 Beta Keys which you can use to register two account. Yes, you have heard correctly. We want to provide the beta tester the chance to test both new tribes, which means in this special server you will be allowed to have 2 accounts instead of one (note: you can’t register both accounts on the same email). If you prefer though, you can share the second key with a friend.
I really want to be a beta tester, but I am not a veteran player and maybe I won’t get the invitation, is there any way I can get in the Closed Beta?
Absolutely yes! Check our Facebook page within 24th and 28th of July. We will organize some activity to give the chance to those people that really want to be beta testers to get their own key. Please note: due to the fact that we need to be able to get feedbacks from the Beta testers, all activities will be in English only.

Stay tuned!


Your Travian:Legends Team