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All forums are now back online! 🙂 

Original News:

Hi Travians,
as some of you might noticed, our official forums are currently offline. That is because there was an attack on our forums. Upon notice we immediately took the necessary measures to ensure the security of your data and accounts.

As we have to act on the assumption that the forums are now corrupted, we are working hard to fix the problems. We apologise for this inconvenience and kindly ask for your understanding.

Please note: For security reasons we will make all passwords invalid before returning to live mode. Therefore you will have to request a new one via the feature “Forgot password”. We would like to point out that you should never use one and the same password for different applications.

As soon as there is more information, we will let you know!

Travian Team


41 thoughts on “Information about the Travian: Legends Forums


    1. Hi,
      thank you for the Russian summary. We will come up with a Russian statement, soon.

  2. I don’t have the mail any longer which I used when I registrated so I can’t get a new password. What shall I do?

    1. Hi,
      unfortunately there is just the option, that you create a new forum account with another e-mail address.
      I you used the old password for other plattforms/services, please change it there.


      1. ;( I have separate passwords, but it can be wise to change email on the others so this don’t happens again…

        Thanks for your answer.

  3. Dear Martin ;

    what is the latest situation ? still we can’t access the forums when this problem will end ?

    1. Hi,
      we are working in the solution and are confident to have the forums back again shortly.

    1. They most likely dont care about travian. But the passwords and emails are valuable. Maybe some people use the same password here as they do on facebook or other websites.

      If they get onto your facebook, hackers can get all kinds of information that makes calling up your bank and getting even more personal info easy.

      One would expect travian to be able to protect their own servers, seeing as their whole business is conducted there.

  4. Forum kaç gündür kapalı açıklama gereği şimdi mi duydunuz teşekkürler müşteri memnuniyeti anlayışınız çok iyi!

  5. I can’t remember the email I used to register my forum account. Now what?

    I will now give another email to where you can send me your answer, if you answer my question

    1. Hi,
      if you know the password you used on the forums and you used it on other plattforms/services, too, please change it there.

  6. The exploit used is almost certainly CVE-2016-6195, which was reported to be in the wild almost three weeks ago and patched a month ago. It’s baffling how a commercial internet company can fail to protect its users from a such widely reported, already patched security hole.

    You were not patched, the version used was vulnerable the day I saw the news and it was still vulnerable before they were taken down.

  7. Come si fa per proporre una modifica nei server ?

    Io proporrei di mettere una crocetta rossa di fianco alle code delle truppe da addestrare in modo che si possono annullare… ovviamente funzionerebbe come per l annullamento degli edifici… solo una parte di merce andrebbe recuperata.

  8. Моя учётная запись на форуме привязана давно к утерянной почте,которую я не могу восстановить.что делать?не получу ли я бан за новую учетную запись на форуме?

    1. Hi,
      if you used your password also on other plattforms, please change it there.
      You shouldn’t get banned.

      1. That is not what he asked. The question is if it’s possible to recover forum account if e-mail is no longer in use.

        1. Hi,
          For that, you have to create a new e-mail and contact the CM via ticket system.
          That is best way to get your account back, once you lost your first e-mail.

  9. I am playing on tournament as dual to my friend, I am getting lots of problems while playing on mobile like not able to send merchant to my own village, not able to delete farms from list, can’t able to send all farms by clicking on select all, not able to access daily bonus, also hero point too I can not able to assign. I formated my mobile used other operating system too, it happening for last 10-15 days before that all working fine, can any one explain why it happening ?

  10. wow … someone know my password that made same with another aplication… and i buy gold for that … i guess you all need more Equites Legati your village ….

  11. Good day my bored fellow players,

    I am a representative of the (by far) best German alliance. We, as in our little German alliance, played the beta RoA test server on the .com and naturally we dominated there as well. Although we were not even 20 players and our “enemies” had a full alliance at their disposal.

    From my point of view one of the biggest, maybe the single biggest problem with Travian right now is, that there are not enough players. If we stay on the German server we already know EVERY single player active player (we are talking about ~100 players here who still play this game on an at least semi-competitive level and maybe 10 ppl who play competitive. ).

    So, what I propose:

    I am going to post in every Travian forum a challenge that at least one alliance from there, preferable one of the better alliances, comes to the .com RoA server. If we manage to only snatch 30-50 active player from every other Travian domain the .com is EXPLODING. So many active players you haven’t see in years on one single server. Finally we can use diplomacy again, having real fights with (hopeful) equal opponents and tactic will play a role again!

    Which nations are going to receive this challenge?
    Czech Republic
    Germany (we already send our best team)
    Netherlands (they are already there, hey twaaalf monkeys)
    Romania (Well, we met in the 8x speed, you remember Effeucheur? :p)
    Russia (I really have hope for these folks. I really don’t even mind if they cheat, at least that way they might proof to be a challenge)

    Just imagine if only one single alliance leader in all these domains has the guts to play on .com instead of their boring, little home-server. In no time we have sooo many active alliances battling there.

    The .com RoA Birthday server is not yet announced, probably because all this fuss they have with the forums. But it can be expected that .com starts as usual one week after they started the servers in the UK. So probably around 10-15th of September.
    If you read that and are slightly interested in having a demanding server full of other active players from all around the world, share this thread, please!

    And now I am going to look for all these forums, I hope they are all up again.

    One last note: Playing RoA with advanced start and the new mechanic really makes Travian more enjoyable. There is much more planing involved than earlier, you can even have long-term strategies. Of course they only make sense if there is an actual opponent. If you only play with semi-active players you don’t need all this stuff. So come on guys, let’s all join on the .com server.

    Schneeente (that’s also my Skype nick if you have further questions)

  12. Hola Team

    Pues nada, no recuerdo el correo, ni la respuesta a la pregunta ni nada ya que este usuario ha sido creado hace muchos años…


  13. Due to the unforeseeable nature of the Multihunters in .com we are going to start on another English speaking server.
    Probably .us
    But it is not 100% decided yet. But you have my Skype nick, the first persons already contacted me, that was spookily fast!

    (@Moderation: If you don’t unlock this post, please delete my other post as well. Because they really belong together.)

  14. comprei 100 golds , paguei no boleto bancario a 8 dias e não recebi o produto, por favor sr multhanter ou alguem responsavél,
    me ajudem nste assunto, fico no aguardo,,,,

    1. Ronaldo, depois me conta se resolveu seu problema.
      Estava prestes a comprar ouro pelo mesmo metodo.

      Estou no PTX como Legends

  15. Im a regular user from the spain forums….. ThE point is that i would like to remember the email i used to create the nickname there(Natanael) i know that i can get it back but ir dont remember which is do i suppouse to?!?!?..

    Please if someone mayor help me con that.. I leave my email here and pleeease any answer would be great

    net forums
    User Natanael
    Actual email:
    Older email: dont remember


  16. Hi,
    if you used your password also on other plattforms, please change it there.
    You shouldn’t get banned.

  17. They in all likelihood couldn’t care less about Travian, however, passwords and email are important. A few people may utilize an indistinguishable secret key from they do on Facebook or different sites.

    In the event that they go to your Facebook, Hackers can get a wide range of data that makes calling your bank more individual data less demanding.

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