This September, the battlefields of Travian will see the arrival of a new tribe: The Huns. This new playable faction will give the players of our next special a brand new Travian experience.

Time to learn more about the Huns! This tribe was nomadic through and through; even their most famous military units were mounted archers, who struck fear in the hearts of their enemies.

Their society had a strong military focus: They even integrated strong warrior bands into their armies, when it promised a strategic advantage.

The Huns portrayed in the fictional world of Travian will be largely based on their historical counterparts from the age of the infamous Attila. Under his leadership, the Hunnic Empire rivaled the Roman Empire and picked fights with the Gauls and the Teutons, whose lands they controlled for a period of time.

The Huns were strong, powerful and proud – they will fit right in with the classic Travian tribes. We are looking forward to their first days on the battlefield!