From the scrolls of Ambiorix

As a Roman, my heroine is asking herself why the Gauls build their protective wall from wood. It was only by chance that she found a scroll in an abandoned sawmill.

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Tea@Three: Jessica


Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
My name is Jessica. But I prefer “Jessie”, it sounds cuter. In the Travian Blog I use my nickname “MiaMizuno”.
Old enough, to play games X-rated games 😛
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Travian Late Night: It begins!

On Sunday a new era for Travian Games will begin. For the first time ever there will be a weekly webshow all about Travian, the company, the players and the creators of the game. Michael and Max, the hosts of the webshow tell us what we can expect of it.

Thanks a lot for the chance to have you for this interview just before the start of Travian LateNight. Let’s start and introduce yourself to the readers. Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

Today, my heroine found a scroll on a long-forgotten Teuton cemetery. One of the gravestones was inscribed with the name Marbod and horses were also carved into it. The meaning can roughly be translated as “master of the horses”. Read More

Auctions – Buying and selling gold

Auctions first appeared in the game in the T4 version. The new feature was initially met with mixed reactions. Many players were really happy about the auctions, whilst others continue to look at them critically even today. Phrases like “pay to win”, “silver pushing”, “hero push” or “hero of desire” have been used every now and again. This begs the question: What will happen to auctions in T5? Read More

Tea@Three: Anke

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
Anknator, ancient! I went to school with Martin Luther.

What is your profession?
Head of Brand Marketing
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Travian Tournament 2014

Now where the pre-registration for the Travian Tournament 2014 is open, we like to give you a few more details about the upcoming event:

The server will be T4.4, 2x Speed
The tournament starts Tuesday, 29.04.2014 – in four days!

This year, you have to beat the Natars. They’ve learned how to build the wonder of the world and you will have to stop them. Are you brave enough? Read More

From the scrolls of Quintus

What luck! Next to a Roman village, my heroine found a brittle bow and a further scroll. The best papyrus and quill have been selected.

Celebrate our hunting Hercules!

Today the first coins of our emperor Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus have been minted! While we can’t use them to pay for things in Travianland, these coins will soon be collected as eagerly as horse manure by farmers! Or as Cato maior put it: What does it mean to till a field well? First plow it good, then plow again and finally fertilize it!” Read More

Tea@Three: Agge

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are?
Agge, name and nickname, all in one. My real name is used so rare that I can’t really remember and won’t react on it 😉 I’m 35 years old.

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Trailer: Travian Late Night

Our dear colleagues Michael and Maxi are … well … special. In fact, they are so special, that we decided to give ‘em their own Travian web show called Travian Late Night.

We’d love to tell you, what to expect from that, but with those two guys – you never know!

Have fun with this little preview!