From the scrolls of Quintus 2

Adventures can sometimes even be found in one’s own village. My heroine found a scroll in the catacombs, close to the burial site of “Sextus Afranius Burrus”.

The downfall of the royal life guards?

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Ancient Europe: The new Endgame

We deliberately called the Travian summer special “Ancient Europe” a new “scenario”, as it will be different to a normal round of Travian in many respects. In particular the new endgame will offer a wide range of new strategic options.

Players wish
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T5: Kingdoms, Raiders and Oases

A kingdom doesn’t only consist of villages, but usually also a couple of oases. In Travian 5, these oases no longer belong to particular players. Instead, they are part of the kingdom they are located in. Read More

Interview: The heart of a gamer

What’s the job of a Game Director?

Eckart Foos is the Game Director for Travian. That means, he’s the central figure and responsible for anything that has to do with the game. The 40-year-old Fribourg native sat down for an interview with us and talked about his role in the company, T5 and the “heart of a player”.

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Travian Late Night 3

For the third issue of our Travian LateNight Show Michael and Max have prepared a lot of interesting topics for you.

In this episode we talk about Ancient Europe, T5, the qualification for the current tournament, a huge BBQ, our Amulet Hide & Seek and the GamesCom. Of course we also talk about your emails and your feedback to the show!

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Contest: Amulet Hide & Seek world tour

Do you remember we mentioned our special Hide & Seek world tour? Now is the perfect time to give you more details about it and to inform you with pleasure that it starts today!

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The Improvements for offensive players in T5

In recent times, we have almost exclusively focused on the improvements for defensive players. Sadly, among many of you, this has led to the impression that there will be “nothing new” for offensive players. To counter this belief, today’s post will be all about the improvements for offensive players in T5. On that note, a big thanks to all of you, who have given feedback on this issue on Facebook, our forum or here! Your comments have led us to the decision to also improve the gameplay for offensive players. Let’s take a look at the changes.

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Tea@Three: Nina

Questions: Questions:
Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
My name is Nina and I´m in my prime 😉
What is your profession?
I´m independent and working as a freelancer at Travian Games.
How long have you been working for Travian?
Exactly one year.
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Summer Special: Ancient Europe

The Roman Empire is on the brink of civil war! The old emperor has died and no one is there to succeed him. The Senate is hopelessly at loggerheads to find the right candidate. In this critical make-or-break situation, the senators have come up with a daring plan. Each citizen of the Roman Empire is asked to apply for the position of the new emperor. Who will have enough power, who will have enough influence in the Senate and who is able to pursue his goals with military force? Anything can happen in Ancient Europe!  Read More

Travian Late Night 2

Tonight, our second episode of Travian Late Night airs. Michael and Max were in the studio along with a special guest who gave us more details on one of the hottest Topics of the summer. You can see who that was and what other thopics we talked about in the following.

Our topics in Detail: The summer special, the current tournament, some competitions, the server starts and of course the biggest part is about you, our community!

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