Tea@Three: Henrik

Last week we told you that we want to start with our player Tea@Three. As of now 19 people have replied to us! We are really happy with so many responses. As of today we are starting with our first Player! Because he was the first one to reply to us and he even sent a picture of himself and his account! So as we announced earlier, we will give the first chieftain to Henrik from Sweden!
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Travian Late Night 5

In the fifth episode of our Travian Late Night show we have a special guest from our IT department. Christian will give us an insight into the work of his departement. In Addition to that we answer some of your questions about T5 and some community Topics are represented as well.
Have fun!

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From the scrolls of Seneca

This ball fight must have been a heatedly-discussed sport in the Colosseum in Rome. Today, my heroine found another scroll about the Pila Bellum. This time, it was written by a critic.

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Appeal: Travian players take center stage

Over the last couple of months, you’ve had the chance to meet more and more people on our team! Many have introduced themselves to you and have told you some things about them. We are now reaching the end of this series and the idea to adopt the “Tea at three” concept for players has gained growing support. We have now decided to get to know you folks better! Each player now has the chance to fill out the attached form and tell the community a bit about themselves. Read More

T5: Detailed Explanation of the Oases System

In his last blog entry about T5, Keen talked about oases and the system behind them. Today, we would like to answer your questions as detailed as possible. We will start by once again explaining the aim of the new system. After that, a detailed explanation of “wild oases” and “occupied oases” will follow.
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From the scrolls of Allenatore

Es ist wieder einmal soweit! Karawanen von trainierten Männern aus allen Teilen von Travianland sind in Rom. Schon bald beginnen wieder die Hunger… äh nein… die Ballspiele!

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Travian: New landing page?!

We tried to get a picture of the new landing page of Travian 5 for you. Unfortunately jakob had seen through our intention and tried to sabotage our project with everything he had!

Travian Late Night Show 4

The fourth issue of our Travian Late Night show is a special edition. It´s all about the Ancient Europe summer special and our community – that’s why we’ve invited none other than Travian Product Manager Brian Terek to our Studio to answer all of your questions about the scenario.

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T5: More details about the kingdoms

As the last blog entry regarding the kingdom system resulted in a lot of questions, we have decided to focus on that particular topic again and with even greater detail this time! It’s a huge topic with lots and lots of information, which is the reason why the next T5 blog entries will also concern this issue. Today, let’s start with the king and their governors.

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Tea@Three: Avto

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
My name is Avtandil Gvelesiani and im 37 years old.

What is your profession?
Assistent Cooperation

How long have you been working for Travian?
since the 06.01.2013 Read More