T5: Alliances and Secret Societies

In T5, an alliance consists of up to seven kings. The members of the kingdoms (governors) are also automatically members of the alliance, with limited rights however. Trustworthy governors can be promoted to the rank of a “general” and will then hold nearly identical rights to the kings. Kings and generals do not only have access to battle and scouting reports, but they can also see the armies and crop supplies of each individual village at any given time.


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Interview with Gerhard Müller: Goals

Are you wondering what type of player T5 is being designed for? Is it the casual beginner or only experienced fans? Read More

Interview withGerhard Müller: Mobile

Will there be a mobile application for T5? Is it playable on your smartphone? Read More

Travian Competition: Bingo

In January, another competition took place on the German Travian forum. This time, it was a classic event – bingo. Players were able to win a total of 15 vouchers, each worth 50 gold coins. Read More

T5: Kingdoms

In Travian 5, you will play as either king or governor. Both roles have advantages and disadvantages. You can crown yourself king at any time or join one of the kingdoms around you as a governor. Read More

Interview with Gerhard Müller: Kingdoms

In the video from Gerhard (2 of 5 in the series) he talks about the kingdom system which is new in Travian T5. Read More

Travian V: Interview with Gerhard Müller

This is the first part of five upcoming videos where Gerhard Müller informs you about the upcoming new features and changes on T5, the new version of the Travian Browsergame. In this video Gerhard, also known as KEEN, introduces himself and tells you more about the upcoming videos. Read More

Unpacking of the Chieftain

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T4.4 – Summary of the changes

Here you can find a summary of all the new features of today’s T4.4 version of the browser game Travian.
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T4.4 – Map, beginners’ protection and daily quests


The topics of the last few days were all regarding one particular category each. This won’t be possible for today’s topic. Today, I will write about the map, beginners’ protection and daily quest changes.
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