From the scrolls of Ambiorix

My heroine found this scroll in an abandoned Gaul village. It tells of a long forgotten, bizarre event, which had once been brought to paper by the wise Ambiorix.
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Cities – The evolution of villages

With the possibility of upgrading villages to cities, Travian Games has created a whole new feature for T5. This opens up new opportunities for players. They now can choose whether they wish to found a new village or upgrade an existing one to a city. In today’s blog entry, I will explain in great detail what cities are, which requirements need to be met and how players benefit from them.

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Tea@Three: Benni

Tell us your name / nickname and how old you are.
Hi, i´m Benni aka „TooXification“ and i am 20 years old.
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Interview with Gerhard Müller: The Author

Who are these Natars? What’s the deal with them? Where are they from? And what does the world of Travian really look like? Questions upon questions that you too just want to find an answer to…

Our video offers some answers:

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Interview with Gerhard Müller: Meeting 2013

Have you all been eagerly wondering what’s going on with the Travian Meet? What the players, supporters, multihunters and the customer team are able to say about it and what Travian has in store for them?

Then take a look at this video:

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The most asked questions about T4.4 speed

When do the T4.4 speed servers start?
On Friday, 7th March 2014, the first T4.4 speed servers will start. Further T4.4 speed servers will be announced in due course. Starting dates for your domain can be found on the domain forum or on our Facebook page.
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T5: Alliances and Secret Societies

In T5, an alliance consists of up to seven kings. The members of the kingdoms (governors) are also automatically members of the alliance, with limited rights however. Trustworthy governors can be promoted to the rank of a “general” and will then hold nearly identical rights to the kings. Kings and generals do not only have access to battle and scouting reports, but they can also see the armies and crop supplies of each individual village at any given time.


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Interview with Gerhard Müller: Goals

Are you wondering what type of player T5 is being designed for? Is it the casual beginner or only experienced fans? Read More

Interview withGerhard Müller: Mobile

Will there be a mobile application for T5? Is it playable on your smartphone? Read More

Travian Competition: Bingo

In January, another competition took place on the German Travian forum. This time, it was a classic event – bingo. Players were able to win a total of 15 vouchers, each worth 50 gold coins. Read More