Introduction of the new T5 Reporter

As you might have noticed, Max, the T5 reporter has left for Vienna some time ago. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself.

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From the scrolls of Quintus

Still baffled by all the information about the Nordic mythology, my curious heroine is moving farther north to find out more about the Teuton tribe and uncover its legends. This time she reached the Teutonic city of “Cherusci”. There however she found out that the Teutons were planning an attack on Rome from their Rally Point! Thanks to the looted winter coats, she was able to blend in with the crowd. On the board hung a scroll of Quintus: A drawing of the newly-built City Wall of Rome. Looks like the Teutons aim to attack the tribe successfully despite the wall! Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

Fully recovered, my heroine left the village to move farther north. This time, she brought along a water bucket, just in case. The village healer gave it to her, together with a scroll detailing the Teutonic version of the origins of the water bucket. The doctor, who was born in a Roman village, doesn’t quite believe in that story. Our heroine however is very happy to take the document. Read More

Tea@Three : Ronit

Here is the eighth edition of our weekly player Tea@Three. Today we introduce from India, Ronit. He has sent us a screenshot of his account and a picture of himself. So of course he will get a Chieftain as well. Congratulations! Read More

Travian V: Closed Beta starting today!

The day has finally arrived: Today the long-awaited closed beta of Travian V will go live. Many of you will participate! Thousands of players worldwide registered to test and improve the game with us. In the course of the next few days we will get players on the server in several waves.

Background of this action is that we want to observe, how our server and the technology react to the mass of players and their actions ingame. We will let all players on the server as soon as possible! Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

Harvest season has been in full swing since Ernting*. All villages across Travianland have been busy with processing their resources in the meantime. My heroine is also helping out by searching for new crop fields with the help of a Scout. According to her “crop finder” there should be an abandoned 15-cropper village not too far away. It is exactly there that she made yet another discovery in the form of a scroll. Read More

Start of the Tournament 2014 Finals

As some of you know the week before last the last qualification servers ended. The Tournament Finals will start soon. First of all congratulations to all winners of the qualification servers and everyone who managed to qualify for the Finals! Read More

My farewell post

It is now more than ten months since I started to report on news about T5 as the official reporter. My final week here before I move to Vienna for my master studies has now begun. I have had so many great experiences and I think it’s time for a quick recap of the last few months. Read More

From the scrolls of the Travian heroine

“Wow, this is exhausting!” Drawing a catapult isn’t even easy for a higher level heroine. The manufactured catapults have attracted her interest. That’s why she decided to find out in the Workshop during a village celebration just how a catapult is built and used. Read More

Tea@Three: Radmilo

Here is the seventh edition of our weekly player tea at three. Today we introduce from Serbia, Radmilo. He has sent us a screenshot of his account and a picture of himself with his dog. So of course he will get a chieftain statue from us. Congratulations! Read More