Tea@Three: Shahzad

The next player we introduce in our Tea@Three players instruction is Shahzad from Pakistan. He will get an chieftain for sending us a picture of him and his last hammer. Congratulation Shahzad!

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Picture of the Day: Christmas Spirit at Travian Headquarter

T5 Video Blog: The Dev Team

In the seventh episode of our video blog everything’s about the developement team of Travian V. Markus, our “Tech Lead” will tell you something about the biggest challenges he had to fight with until now.

T5 Beta Chronicles: Strong troops, weak troops

The silence in week five is eerie. No Scouts, no attacks, nothing at all. It’s very unusual and confusing. The training of my Scout army is progressing well nonetheless. I’ve passed the 500 mark. City and village upgrades are also going well. Read More

From the scrolls of Henrik

The time is near! A great battle between Romans and Teutons in the vicinity of Rome is imminent! My heroine and the remaining troops are preparing themselves, sharpening their weapons, reinforcing their armor and gaining strength from food and drink. Both, Romans and Teutons are well-prepared for the battle! Will the new wall be able to withstand the attack? Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: Of friend and foe

My switch to governor now lies a few days in the past. I’m still angry at the attacker who smashed part of my troops – even if it was only a relatively small number. But there’s no time to be grieving. A lot is happening in the surroundings of my main village. Read More

Travian V Alpha has ended

It’s 11/11/2014, 12:29 am CET. Following weeks of fierce battle and fear, the Wonder of the World was upgraded to level 50. The Alpha is now over. But how did the final weeks of the Alpha progress? Was there still any action, as the Closed Beta was running simultaneously and many Alpha players also started playing on that server? Here’s an overview. Read More

Tea@Three: Kaiwan

Today we are introducing Kaiwan from IRAN as the first player in our second round of Tea@Three. He attached some screenshots of his biggerst challenges, too, so he will get one of our chieftain statues as well. Congratulation Kaiwan! Read More

Tea@Three: Important Announcement


as we mentioned a few days ago, we are currently working on the second round of our player introduction “Tea@Three”.

The question regarding a reward for all participants has yet to be addressed. Read More

T5 Beta Chronicles: The king says his goodbyes

The third week of the T5 Closed Beta is ill-omened. My kingdom is shrinking continuously, other kings set up camp around my second village and troop training has come to a standstill. What am I doing wrong? It all started so well?

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