The Lies and the Weasels – Episode 5 – The Bond


Although weasels can dig their own burrows quite quickly, they sometimes take over
other animals’ burrows and make them their own.
Most weasels are secretive loners that prefer to lead a nocturnal life,
but they are fully capable of hunting during the day if needed.

Since then, Cassius and the Weasel developed a strange bond. The boy could not clearly explain to himself what made him put all his plans aside and rush to the hunting hut, whenever he received a note from the old assassin. Not a single word, just a sign of the Weasel meaning that his new acquaintance was waiting for him – at the same place and the same time. Continue reading… “The Lies and the Weasels – Episode 5 – The Bond”

Tournament Qualification Rounds ~ Registrations are open!

The game is on! Registrations are open on our Tournament Qualification Rounds! 

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Important Information

As some of you have noticed, the Gold price on Tournament servers matches the one on previous Tournaments, which means prices are higher compared to regional 4.6 servers. The Travian Tournament has always had the status of a separate event and therefore pricing was kept consistent. However, we accept the criticism that this should have been communicated more clearly in advance and we apologize for that.

Here is the full updated information about Gold pricing:

  • Prices: Tier 3 (the highest price for the package)
  • Inbound gold transfer: From Qualifications 2021 game worlds only
  • Outbound gold transfers: To any Qualifications, Tournament Finals and all 4.6 game worlds
  • Refer-a-friend: Disabled