Travian Tournament 2020 ~ Prizes & Requirements

How is it going with your Tournament preparations? Have you already crafted a winning strategy with your alliance? If you need some extra motivation, let’s have a look at what you could win this year… of course GLORY is always included 😉 Read More

Travian Tournament 2020 ~ All You Need To Know

The Tournament is back in on June 16th 2020… completely revamped! Wonder what will change? Spoiler alert… A lot!

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Travian Tournament 2020 ~ Qualification Rounds

Save the date and spread the news! Stay tuned for more info!

GAME UPDATE ~ New Hero Features

We’ve received many requests from the community and positive feedback about some of the new Hero features on the Codex Victoria gameworlds.

That’s why we are going to add those features onto the regular gameworlds.

Starting from June 1st 2020, all new starting gameworlds will have the following features implemented by default:

  • All the resources that are gained through adventures, quests and tasks are added as items to the inventory of your Hero. (See image below)
  • The Hero will regain their full health at level up.
  • Adventures no longer expire. Note: the item received during adventures depends on the time the adventure appeared on your list. Saving up adventures to try and get a higher level item doesn’t give you any advantage.


May your Hero remain strong on the battlefield!

#RunFast – The 10x gameworlds challenge is back!

People watched how the herald walked slowly to the main square of the village. In his right hand, he held a parchment with a big wax seal with a coat of arms on it, which meant very important news came from the capital.

Once he was exactly at the center, he broke the seal and slowly unrolled the scroll. The villagers were waiting in anticipation.
“The senator has spoken!” he screamed. “A new war is approaching the Empire. Make your warehouse and granaries full as never before. Run fast, spread the word to all nearby villages. The battle is coming again! It won’t last long, as it will be the most cruel war the Empire has ever faced! Be prepared.” He exhaled.

The crowd didn’t move until a child’s voice broke the tense silence: “Mom, what are we going to do?”

And you? What would you do? Do you have what it takes to fight this battle?

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New Look for Tribe Units ~ Coming Soon!

Our Tribe units are getting a big makeover! Curious to know how they will look like? We have prepared some short videos for you… Read More

Join us on the Official Travian: Legends Discord server!

We have some exciting news for you! As we mentioned in the last episode of #AskTravian 2019, we were working on our Official Discord Server for Travian: Legends… and now we are ready to launch it!

Starting from NOW on, you can join the server ➡️ here.

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Legends on Tour 2020 ~ The Plan

As you all know, due to the current pandemic emergency, we were forced to move the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit to October 2020.

After an intense brainstorming session, we managed to find a good compromise that allows us to keep involving the community in the development of the game despite the on-site event being postponed.

Our workflow will be similar to how developers work, which means we will have “sprints”. Read More

10x Speed Servers ~ #StaySafe #RunFast

In times of ultimate darkness, we cannot wait to see the first rays of sun. In times of isolation what we miss the most are good friends, a portion of fun, an ounce of adventure and a tiny bit of excitement. And we happen to know the perfect recipe for that!

As requested by many Travian: Legends communities, we are happy to introduce you to the most unique and fastest round of Travian: Legends ever! A 10x-speed-5-tribe gameworld with World of Wonders! Read More

Ask Travian #27 ~ The Brute Force of the Teutons

Which tribe shall I choose? We are here to help you out! This is the first episode of a mini-series entirely dedicated to our beloved tribes. First in line: the mighty Teutons!

But wait, it’s not it! In this post we are also revealing the new appearance of the Teutons’ units, soon available in-game.

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