Safiren’s War Diaries: Qualification Review Tournament 2018

As I’m sure you know, the Qualification servers have begun and it’s now time for a first review. Our official Travian reporter, Safiren, prepared a summary just for you. If you want to read the full version with more maps and interviews, head over to her Corner on our forums. 

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Goodbye, Jay

Let’s make things straight from the beginning, Jay is not dead!

In case you don’t know whom I am talking about, Jay is the person that until now has answered your questions on Facebook, and has published these amazing blog posts for the past 9 months. If you read his interview, you know that he is from Australia.

As I am also a foreigner working abroad, I can perfectly understand homesickness. When it kicks in, there is not much you can do besides going home. And that’s what happened with Jay. He decided to leave the company and go back to the country of kangaroos.

He will be deeply missed in the company because he is genuinely a sunny-natured person. He is literally bringing the sun in those rainy German days. There are SO many stories to tell about him that I don’t really know where to start.

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Travian: Path to Pandora – Prequel

My name is Shu, I am a Natarian bird of prey.

I used to live in the village Nekhen in the Travian lands a few miles from the Natarian capital Atum. My whole life was dedicated to serving my beloved Natarian emperor Asur.
Ten years ago, I was sent on a secret mission to discover a new land for my tribe, a land where we could thrive again. It was a long and difficult mission, and now that I am 40 years old, I am returning to tell my story.

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Ask Travian – Episode 6 – Legends on Tour

In this episode of Ask Travian, we’ll talk about Legends on Tour event where we invited 10 dedicated Travian players to discuss the game and improvements at the Travian Games HQ!

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Meet the Team: Liudmila, Senior Community Manager

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Team! In this edition, we meet Liudmila or Ameno as she is more commonly referred to in the Travian world. She’s your Senior Community Manager and has been playing travian for over 10 years! Thankfully, she was kind of enough to give us a short interview so that we can get to know her and her background a bit better. Enjoy! Read More

Tribe History: The Battle of Trebia – Hannibal takes on the Romans

The last time we talked about the legendary Hannibal and his activities during the Second Punic War, we took a look at the Battle of Zama, during which Hannibal was defeated by Scipio Africanus the elder.

When the Battle of Zama occurred, Hannibal was already a well-known general with a reputation. Let us take a look at one of his earlier battles: The Battle of Trebia was one of the first big military confrontations of the Second Punic War and took place in December of 218 BC. Read More

Dev Diary: The Journey Of A Bug

No project is bug-free. While we do our best to prevent them from occurring in the first place, Travian has had and, unfortunately, will continue to have lovely bugs to fight with. When you encounter that dysfunctional button or a battle report which seems a little “off”, the journey of the bug begins! But what does this journey look like exactly? Join me, a former Travian QA tester, and let me tell you how each of our bugs reach their goal of being squashed! Read More

Travian Tournament 2018: Qualification Round Day 2 Infographic

The 2018 Qualification round has been underway for just over 2 days now. Here are some stats so far from all the servers… Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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Travian Tournament 2018: Qualification Round Begins!

Finally, the Qualification servers have begun! Join thousands of players and secure your spot in this year’s #TravianTournament2018.

Epic battles and challenges await, have you got what it takes? Players are already settling their first villages, don’t miss your chance to get a head start. 
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Travian Tournament 2018: The Tournament Beat with Safiren

The Tournament 2018 Qualification round is starting in just a few days (June 13th) and for those of you who don’t know, we’re delighted that Safiren agreed to be our official Travian reporter again for this year’s tournament. She did such an amazing job covering the event last year we thought it would be interesting to get an insight into her role and thankfully she had the time to let us interview her. Read More