Arbeitsplätze – hier entsteht die Magie

In unserem ersten Beitrag zur “Arbeitsplätze” Bilderbuch-Serie geht es weniger um den Arbeitsplatz selbst als um den leckere Geburtstagskuchen, den einer unserer Kollegen mitgebracht hat. Und wenn schon Kuchen, dann doch bitte mit Stil!

Es ist Omnomnom Zeit!


The Travian-Amulet

Dear players,

it’s been some time since we celebrated our 9th birthday, a whole month, to be precise.

All birthday servers are running smoothly and players have been able to celebrate their first big successes on the new servers, too. So today, it is time for us to send a big ‘thank you’ to you, for all your creative, kind and amusing congratulation messages. We were hardly able to keep up with thanking each individual comment and thread. It was just awesome! And once again, we have confirmed: WE just have the best community and the best players in the world! Continue reading… “The Travian-Amulet”