Changelog ~ Release Polarbear 1152.4

🆕 ストーリー:
TL-9594 新たにゲームワールドを開始した場合のみ:自分の村を征服しても、その村のタスクや報酬の状況に影響が与えられなくなりました。
TL-8845 メッセージ/プロフィール編集の禁止罰則は、シッター中にも適用されます。
TL-9486 フォーラムのリンクは、ゲーム全体でDiscordのリンクに置き換えられました。
TL-9095 統計情報に種族アイコンが表示されるようになりました

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Game Rules update – Monday June 7th

Dear community,

Based on player feedback, we have decided to remove the word “solely” from the rule 1.1.b.
Ensuring that an account will both play for its development, and share a part of their resources with another account outside the same alliance or confederacy via raiding mechanics is and always was punishable as per this rule.

You can read the rules ➡️ here.

Please note that this change will not affect the current rule enforcement actions that continue to be done in order to remove Private Farms from the servers.

We hope that this change to the Game Rules helps to clarify and define the rule further for fewer misunderstandings. Thank you for your feedback.

Your Travian: Legends Team


  • Rule 1.1.b – removed “solely” from the second and third sentence.

A Chat with Kira ~ Travian Tournament 2020 Winner

Winning the Travian Tournament is probably the biggest honor in your Travian: Legends career. It requires skills, time, a strong team, dedication and – why not – a bit of luck does not hurt.

In the 2020 edition of the Travian Tournament, this great honor fell upon Kira (or German, as he appears on Discord). He is now the proud owner of a shiny trophy and a lot of fond battle memories.

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