Build Harbors and conquer the world in Travian: Shores of War! Coming September 2023
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[Blog] Thursday guides ~ 29.06.2023

New article from series of guides, useful tips, feature explanations and other game-related topics that are published every Thursday in our Blog. These Thursday Guides are aimed to give a better....

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[YouTube] July 2023 Gameworlds ~ 29.06.2023

{:en} 🤝Every end of month, the whole gameworld schedule is published on video and gets uploaded to our YouTube channel! 😉Stay alert, some videos come with a secret voucher redeemable....

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[ARABICS 1x] ~ Arabics 8 ~ 29.06.2023

Start day: 29.06.2023 Start time: 13:00 UTC+1 Game Version: 4.6 Speed: 1x Tribes: 3 tribes (Romans, Gauls, Teutons) Set-Up: Wonder of the World Map Size: 401x401