Build Harbors and conquer the world in Travian: Shores of War! Coming September 2023
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[Discord] Monday Mystery ~ 05.06.2023

Monday mystery is a Discord event that takes place in a 🕵│monday-mystery channel. Every Monday at 18:00 UTC you will be challenged with some questions or a riddle. Spartans will....

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Travian Loop ~ Natars Behaviour

Recurring event called Travian Loop in Discord. Players deliver feedback about the game directly to the 🧑‍🔧Game Center and receive a response. Read it here: ➡️Travian Loop: Natars Behaviour

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[ARABICS 10x] ~ Arabics 100 ~ 05.06.2023

Start day: 05.06.2023 Start time: 13:00 UTC+1 Game Version: 4.6 Speed: 10x Tribes: 3 tribes (Romans, Gauls, Teutons) Set-Up: Wonder of the World Map Size: 401x401