Halloween Picture Contest 2019 ~ Highlights

Did you spend a spooky Halloween this year? Some Travian-players certainly did!

Our Halloween picture contest is now a tradition on our Forum, but every year we are stoked by your creativity. You always go the extra mile with your Halloween art!

Once again we were not disappointed. Let’s check out some of the (many) amazing artworks that were submitted.

nabucodonosor27 (Hispano)

Alt (Israel)

jasmina986 (Balkans)

lucasnand (Lusobrasileiro)

MadFairy (Russia)

Mancino_IT (Italy)

We are already looking forward to next year’s masterpieces!


Travian Tournament 2019 ~ Finals

We are very glad to announce that the most epic battle of the year is returning on November 14th, 2019! ?

Congratulations to everyone who managed to get an entry key during the Qualification rounds! All prizes and keys will be delivered in the next couple of weeks, so make sure you check your mail.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a key for the Finals, make sure you join our upcoming raffles on our website, Forum and Facebook page.

As always, it will be an extremely limited amount of keys!


Behind the Scenes of a Critical Event ~ Why We Had to Rollback

Thursday, October 10th, 12:12 pm – Lunchbreak – Travian Games HQ

It’s a peaceful day in the Travian Games HQ in Munich. Some employees are having lunch, some are silently working, some are playing Travian: Legends or just chitchatting with colleagues.

But all of a sudden something goes wrong.

Our Product Owner Brian receives an unusual message while selling an item in an auction on Travian: Legends, Martina’s (our Community Communication Manager) phone goes crazy with a multitude of Whatsapp messages from her alliance, our Slack channel where we communicate with the Legends on Tour Ambassadors starts beeping and simultaneously our inbox on Facebook gets alarmingly full. 

It doesn’t take much to connect the dots. Something serious is happening and we are ready to kick-start our crisis management process. We run to our developers and that’s where it all began.

But let’s go back in time for second…
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5 Questions with Gerhard, Founder of Travian Games

After interviewing Brian, Product Owner of Travian: Legends, we decided to walk down memory lane once again with Gerhard Müller, one of the key figures that wrote the history of Travian: Legends as a game and Travian Games as a company.

If you don’t know him already, he is literally the one who came up with the game back in 2004 and one of the founders of Travian Games.

It’s safe to say that without him the Travian universe would not exist. And yes, it all started as a PHP hobby project and here we are, 15 years later, celebrating the game once again with its Annual Special, Codex Victoria.

Ready to hear about the past, the present and future of Travian?

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Travian: Codex Victoria ~ All You Need To Know About The Annual Special

Whether you have been here from the very beginning or you have just created your first account, this is the time to celebrate!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Travian!

And how do you celebrate with us?!? 

By playing Travian: Codex Victoria!

What’s new in Codex Victoria?

Click on the links below to open the page:

➡️ Overview of all the new (and old) features ⬅️

➡️ Advanced Start ⬅️

➡️ The Hospital ⬅️

When is it starting?

➡️ The calendar ⬅️

What’s the speed of the gameworld?

The speed is 1x.

Where do I play?

Once your gameworld is open, you will be able to register:

➡️ HERE ⬅️