Čo príde v našej ďalšej aktualizácii? Prečítajte si náš zoznam zmien 1248.3! Zástupcovia môžu hrať vo svojom vlastnom jazyku, optimalizácia pre mobilné zariadenia je opravená a oveľa viac. Nezabudnite si text prečítať až do konca, aby ste si plán aktualizácii vedeli uložiť do kalendára! (zatiaľ v angličtine, čoskoro v preklade)

🆕 Features:
TL-9371 – Sitters can now play in their own language. The game uses their own account settings for language and color-blind mode, not the settings of the sitted account.

TL-9712 – Improved the landscape mode on small devices when using the mobile optimization version.

TL-9857 – Improved the calculation of hero experience points gained in battles. It is now based on the exact amount of supply of the units killed in battle, this will eliminate any rounding issues that resulted in getting 1 point too little or too much.

TL-9897 – In-game footer links have been updated to have the correct pages.

🛠️ **Bugfixes:**
TL-10001 – Fixed an issue in the mobile optimization version that the village and resources views were only partially visible.

TL-9802 – Fixed an issue that a long list of user-defined list was causing the x-axis of the map to disappear.

TL-9927 – Fixed issue causing the top10 statistics to not be reset after 7 days.

⏲️ **Rollout plan (Výpadok ~5 min)**
10.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 – Open Beta Tides of Conquest
13.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 – Balkans10, Europe4, NL

15.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 – NL, Balkans, Europe°
15.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — DE, IT, FR
15.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — Lusobrasileiro, RO, RU

16.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — Nordics, Asia (both local and region°)
16.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — Arabics (both local and region), International
16.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — HU, Baltics, CZSK

17.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — TR, IL, New Year Special,
17.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — Hispano, Anglosphere, America°
17.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — COM, America3, Arabics2, Asia3, Europe3, International4

20.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — Tournament Qualifications

°S výnimkou herných svetov uvedených samostatne